1/6 Committee Will Turn Evidence Of Trump And House Republican Crimes Over To Authorities

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Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-CA) of the 1/6 Committee said that they would crook immoderate grounds of transgression enactment by Trump and others implicit to the authorities for prosecution.

Video of Rep. Aguilar:

Aguilar said erstwhile asked by erstwhile Rep. David Jolly if the committee volition crook implicit immoderate transgression grounds that they find against Trump and House Republicans implicit to authorities:

The committee volition travel the facts. And if we bash our job, and we get as overmuch accusation arsenic possible to archer the afloat and complete narrative connected what happened in January 5th and 6th and the planning and coordination and lead-up to that, the battle on democracy we saw, if we bash our job we’re going to archer that story and if determination are additional details that request to be turned implicit to authorities, we volition bash that.

 We’re not closing immoderate door, but at this point, we’re having a batch of those conversations we are hearing from witnesses similar the ones you conscionable played from past evening. We’re gathering that material, and you’re gathering the document of grounds that’s going to be needed to archer the afloat and complete story. 

The 1/6 Committee Investigation Could Get Trump Prosecuted

The 1/6 Committee probe is much than a fact-finding mission. The committee is attempting to compile a broad study of what happened connected January 6th, and before, truthful if successful the process of their probe they find grounds of transgression activity, they volition crook it implicit to instrumentality enforcement for prosecution.

The Mueller probe was handcuffed by Trump and his medication successful ways that the 1/6 Committee volition not be.

If Trump committed a crime, the 1/6 Committee mightiness unfastened the doorway for prosecution.

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