2 San Anselmo Families Rooting for Their Sons Competing at Tokyo Olympics

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Two much Bay Area Olympians are battling for the golden successful 2 antithetic sports.

Their bond? They went to the aforesaid precocious schoolhouse successful Marin County.

Jeanette Narlock doesn’t person an Olympian successful Tokyo, but she is hosting 2 sets of parents who do.

“Win oregon lose, we conscionable wanted them to cognize we’re here,” she said.

A location afloat of radical cheering connected the pridefulness of San Anselmo, Joe Ryan and Dylan Woodhead. The 2 were classmates astatine Archie Williams High School.

“I consciousness excited affectional and anxious,” said Terry Speer, Ryan’s mother.

Speer’s anxiousness comes from watching her lad Ryan instrumentality the mound arsenic the pb pitcher for Team USA.


They played squad Israel aboriginal Friday greeting and they won.

“I person talked to him. He’s staying precise focused staying energized. The squad camaraderie is simply a large portion of that vigor for him,” she said.

Ryan and Woodhead played h2o polo unneurotic astatine Archie Williams High School successful 2014.

Ryan chose baseball, portion Woodhead is making his people successful the excavation astatine Stanford and present connected his travel toward golden with h2o polo Olympic team.

“It was an extracurricular changeable helium would marque the team, the pandemic astir apt helped arsenic helium grew into himself,” said Jeff Woodhead, Dylan’s father.

“We each raised our kids together. They are arsenic overmuch their boys arsenic they are our boys,” said Laura Woodhead, Dylan’s mother.

Both parents can’t judge that their kids are surviving retired their Olympic dreams.

They judge that dreams bash travel true.

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