20 Scenes From "Maid" That Prove That Margaret Qualley Is The Moment

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Consider this Margaret Qualley's Emmy campaign.

So, Margaret Qualley has been acting for a minute. You mightiness cognize her from HBO's The Leftovers, Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time successful Hollywood, and FX's Fosse/Verdon — for that past project, she adjacent received an Emmy information for her relation arsenic dancer Ann Reinking.

Margaret Qualley

She's present backmost connected the tiny screen, this clip starring connected Netflix's miniseries Maid arsenic Alex, a azygous parent and home unit subsister trying to marque ends conscionable arsenic a cleaner. Her performance, successful short, is perfectly stunning.

Maddy and Alex

Alex is smart, funny, kind, tough, and highly analyzable — and Qualley embodies her perfectly. To wage homage to her genuinely Emmy-worthy performance, present are her standout moments connected Maid, a must-watch if you haven't already seen it!


1. When a operator hits Alex's car arsenic she's moving frantically connected the freeway trying to find Schmariel for her girl Maddy.

Maddy and Alex

Netflix / Via netflix.com

Between Maddy screaming for her doll and the operator hitting the car with her successful it, this is the 1 of the TENSEST scenes connected the show. Qualley captures each of its ups and downs beautifully. 

2. When Alex finds herself each unsocial astatine the ferry station.

Alex and Maddy astatine  the ferry station

Netflix / Via netflix.com

Qualley devastatingly embodies each that Alex is going through, peculiarly the accent of having nary 1 reliable to assistance her. You tin spot her crying softly to herself but trying her champion to entertain Maddy with Schmariel the doll. 

3. When Alex tells Regina off.

Alex tells disconnected  Regina

Netflix / Via netflix.com

After inadvertently doggy-napping Mr. Darcy with Danielle, Alex confronts Regina, and it's conscionable truthful satisfying to spot her popular disconnected due to the fact that Alex is specified an introverted character. 

4. When Alex helps Sean retired erstwhile he's high, adjacent though he's trying to instrumentality Maddy distant from her successful court.

Sean and Alex

Netflix / Via netflix.com

This infinitesimal fleshes retired Alex's analyzable narration with her ex and abuser. It besides goes to amusement talented Qualley and Nick Robinson are unneurotic connected the screen. 

5. When Alex tells Regina that she lives for her daughter.


Netflix / Via netflix.com

This country is perfectly beauteous — Qualley and Anika Noni Rose radiance unneurotic arsenic country partners. Both play specified reserved characters, truthful it's beauteous erstwhile they some unfastened up...even if Alex does notation to Regina arsenic "the c*nt" successful her notebook...

6. When Alex narrates what her location would look similar aft Regina tells her astir her divorcement and son.

Alex connected  bed

Netflix / Via netflix.com

"Our abstraction is simply a location due to the fact that we emotion each different successful it." CUE THE TEARS.

7. When Alex realizes that she hid successful the cupboard arsenic a kid due to the fact that her begetter wounded her mother.

Alex tells her begetter  not to interaction   her daughter

Netflix / Via netflix.com

Qualley spends overmuch of her clip saying "yes" and swallowing her pridefulness to assistance her daughter, but the moments erstwhile Alex does spell disconnected are truthful emotionally effective. 

8. The heartbreaking infinitesimal erstwhile Alex's landlords footwear her retired due to the fact that of Sean's reckless behaviour astatine Maddy's day party.


Netflix / Via netflix.com

Qualley is conscionable crying connected a car, not making a peep, and that says everything we request to cognize astir what happened and however she's feeling. 

9. When Alex tells Nate that they're not equal.

Alex and Nate

Netflix / Via netflix.com

Nate is precise dreamy, and the feelings are evidently communal betwixt them. However, Alex is precise alert that his generosity is the quality betwixt her and her household surviving connected the streets, that there's a powerfulness dynamic hidden successful his nice-guy act. 

10. When Alex freezes aft her parent breaks into her ain location and hurts her hand.


Netflix / Via netflix.com

Alex doesn't adjacent speech done the full ordeal, but you tin conscionable archer her genuine daze and anxiousness arsenic she weighs however overmuch of a work her parent has become. 

11. When Alex tells her ma that she loves her astatine the hospital.

Alex tells her ma  that she loves her

12. When Alex takes her girl connected a carnivore hunt.

Alex and Maddy spell  carnivore  hunting successful  the woods

Netflix / Via netflix.com

We besides request to speech astir the chemistry betwixt Qualley and Rylea Nevaeh Whittet, who plays Maddy. Their narration feels incredibly natural, and it truly moves the amusement forward. 

13. When Alex becomes horribly depressed aft Sean demonizes her for getting into assemblage and returns her car to Nate.

Alex connected  couch

Netflix / Via netflix.com

You virtually consciousness Alex's emptiness and nonaccomplishment of hope. It's gutting. 

14. When Alex takes Maddy distant from the trailer aft uncovering her successful the cupboard.

Alex and Maddy

Netflix / Via netflix.com

After Sean yells and throws things astatine her, Alex's instincts footwear successful erstwhile she finds her girl hiding successful a cupboard. She climbs retired of her acheronian spot (quite literally, successful a imagination sequence) and does immoderate she tin to get them to a harmless place. 

15. When Alex meets her archetypal lawsuit extracurricular of Value Maids.

Alex and client

Netflix / Via netflix.com

This intimate infinitesimal snapshots Alex's intelligence, kindness, and volition successful the look of an ashamed lawsuit with a hoarding problem. 

16. When Alex serves Sean.

Alex serves Sean

Netflix / Via netflix.com

With actual, meaningful enactment and a renewed consciousness of self, Alex serves Sean to get afloat custody of her girl truthful that they tin determination to Montana together.

17. When Alex confronts her parent astir being homeless.

Alex and Paula successful  Walmart parking lot

Netflix / Via netflix.com

Paula's chatty and flighty quality is truly grounded by Alex's knowing stares and quiescent worry.  

18. When Alex confronts her dad.

Alex tells her dada  "Then I conjecture  we don't person  overmuch  to accidental    to each   other"

Netflix / Via netflix.com

In this achy country with Billy Burke, Alex realizes that her begetter volition ne'er beryllium determination for her, truthful she resigns from their speech altogether. Because he's sympathetic to Sean's struggles with intoxicant addiction, helium refuses to admit that Sean emotionally abused her. 

19. When Alex tells Paula that she's going without her.

Alex talks to her mom

Netflix / Via netflix.com

Again, Qualley's quality to explicit betwixt the lines is perfection. Here, Alex has yet resolved to fto her parent beryllium and determination connected with her life, nary substance however overmuch she feels obligated to attraction for her. She's skeptical astir her mother's latest romance, but she lets spell of trying to rescue her. 

20. When Alex describes her happiest time to her penning group.

Alex and Maddy hiking

Netflix / Via netflix.com

Alex says that her happiest time hasn't happened yet, but she much oregon little describes her adjacent future. Qualley's narration brims with this tentative consciousness of anticipation that feels particularly almighty fixed each that Alex has been through. 

What was your favourite Margaret Qualley infinitesimal connected Maid? Drop your thoughts below!

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