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On any given weekday, as clocks approach lunch hour, the streets of San Francisco's Nob Hill neighbourhood are bustling with pedestrians strutting to the clanging bells of iconic cable cars packed with wide-eyed tourists. But as Ree Ree Li, 25, peeked out her apartment window on Tuesday, she described a desolate scene punctuated by an eerie silence."I see the street. It's very empty. There are no people," Li told ABC News on the first full day of a citywide lockdown prompted by the global coronavirus pandemic. "It feels kind of apocalyptic. People are really nervous, which is fair."But while Li and others stayed to hold up in their apartments, people elsewhere in the city seemed a bit more cavalier. Footage from news media outlets captured people jogging, biking and Rollerblading along the Embarcadero waterfront, some appearing to be in violation of a chief tenet of the new rules: Stay at least six feet apart Mayor London Breed said at a news conference Tuesday night that while many San Franciscans have "stepped up to the plate" and are complying with the shelter-in-place rules, "Day One, so far, has been OK.""This is really about saving lives, and this is why we have to take such drastic measures," Breed said.

Breaking News About Corona Virus 

At midnight on Tuesday, an order went into effect for the nearly 900,000 city residents to shelter in place until April 7, with the caveat it could be extended or shortened. Similar edicts to combat the spread of the virus through social distancing were issued for the more than 6 million Bay Area residents in San Mateo, Santa Clara, Marin, Contra Costa and press release distribution in san Francisco Alameda counties. Another 250,000 people were put on lockdown in Santa Cruz County, about 75 miles south of San Francisco. Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesTwo pedestrians cross an empty street, on March 16, 2020, in San Francisco. Two pedestrians cross an empty street, on March 16, 2020, in San Francisco.

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"The Department of Health today clarified that since cannabis has medical use, dispensaries will be allowed to operate as essential businesses just like pharmacies are allowed to do," Breed said. She said that as of Tuesday night, San Francisco was dealing with 43 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. While residents are allowed to take walks, Breed cautioned people to stay clear of anyone they might encounter and encouraged people to "stay active within their homes for the purposes of making sure that they're not out there in the streets tracking this virus and getting other people sick."San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott said the police department is currently San Francisco News asking people to voluntarily comply with the order, but added, "This order does have the ability to enforce.""It is a misdemeanour to not comply with the order and as a last resort we will be prepared to enforce," Scott said. Li, a legal assistant, was working from home on Tuesday.

Corona Virus In San Francisco 

"I had a virtual book club last night since we couldn't meet in person," Li said. "I think generally people are glad the city is being cautionary, and so I think that is a great thing. But what's been difficult is not knowing when this will end. Also, if this isn't enforced, it could continue to spread. I feel like the point of this is to keep this from spreading so the virus dies out."(MORE: White House issues new guidelines for stopping the spread of coronavirus As of Tuesday, the virus had killed at least 110 people in the United States and infected at least 6,300 people in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. Globally, there are more than 197,000 cases and more than 7,900 deaths, according to data compiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

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