Coronavirus: As cases surge in SF, residents comply with shelter-in-place; first homeless moved to hotels

First homeless moved to hotels

San Francisco’s top officials took to a makeshift stage inside the Moscone Center Thursday to reiterate what they’ve told the public every day since the order to shelter in place was handed down this week: “Stay home.”

City officials reported 70 coronavirus cases Thursday in San Francisco News, up from 51 on Wednesday, a 37% increase.

Coronavirus: As cases surge in SF

They have transformed Moscone Center into the city’s emergency operations centre for San Francisco’s response to the coronavirus.

As the number of government workers called in to help manage the growing public health crisis has swelled to more than 250 people, city officials have moved Press Release Distribution Services In San Francisco their emergency centre to the vast Moscone Center South.

Residents comply with shelter-in-place

“This is not a vacation. This is not the time for social gatherings. We want to discourage the gathering of large groups as much as possible,” Mayor London Breed said Thursday at a news conference with updates on nursing hires, secure housing for vulnerable people with COVID-19, and what police are seeing on patrol.

Comply With Shelter-In-Place;

Amber Richmond is tired of berating her homeless shelter bunkmates who cough and don’t cover their mouths. Who uses the bathroom and don’t wash their hands. Who sleep a couple of feet from her every night, hacking and sneezing he knows San Francisco’s program managers are planning to radically expand the number of homeless beds in the city soon, but she’s afraid that by then she’ll catch the coronavirus at the very place that’s supposed to protect her from the dangers of living outside.

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