47 at Santa Rosa Shelter Infected With Delta Variant of Coronavirus

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A full of 47 residents astatine a stateless structure successful Northern California person tested affirmative for the delta variant of the coronavirus, officials said.

The bulk of those infected astatine the Samuel L. Jones Hall successful Santa Rosa were unvaccinated, Jennielynn Holmes, who leads stateless services astatine Catholic Charities, the nonprofit managing the shelter, told the Press Democrat connected Thursday.

Just 1 stateless nonmigratory has been hospitalized, Holmes said, and nary 1 other with a affirmative trial has terrible symptoms.


The outbreak astatine Sonoma County’s largest stateless structure has affected astir a 3rd of the 153 residents and comes amid a broader uptick successful section COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, predominantly among unvaccinated people, the paper reported.

The highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus has dispersed rapidly among the unvaccinated population, causing a emergence successful caller cases and hospitalizations. It present accounts for astir caller infections successful the state.

In California, anyone 12 and implicit is eligible for the vaccine. So far, astir 70% of that colonisation successful California has received astatine slightest 1 dose.

Homeless radical person been among the hardest to scope successful the months-long inoculation campaign. No records beryllium to accidental however galore stay unvaccinated, authorities said.

The outbreak is lone the 2nd clip the coronavirus has been detected astatine Sam Jones. There was a smaller clump of cases successful January during the highest of the pandemic, Holmes said.

“The delta variant is reacting with the stateless colonisation overmuch otherwise than the archetypal COVID situation,” Holmes said. “We had precise fewer cases for the full pandemic.”

Across Sonoma County, 62 stateless radical person tested affirmative wrong the past 2 weeks, according to Kathryn Pack, a manager of the region wellness department’s epidemiology team. That’s a 48% leap successful the stateless population’s full COVID-19 caseload, which present stands astatine 191 since the commencement of the pandemic.

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