A Brief History of Engagement Rings Online

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A Concise History of Engagement Rings Online

Men’s Engagement rings are a generally current development. The primary stone setting was made in 1832, yet it was only after the late nineteenth century that diamonds began to become well known as a decision for ladies' engagement rings.


The ring of possession was the principal engagement ring. It was utilized to represent a lady's very own property and her capacity to control it. The proprietor could sell or offer her ring whenever, however she would likewise be committed to wed the one who purchased it in the event that he requested it back inside a specific timeframe (this is known as "requesting" a pledge).

The ring of assurance was one more kind of old engagement ring: one expected to avoid abhorrent spirits and witches that could hurt their proprietors during their lifetimes. These rings were made from silver with mystical properties, for example, making individuals undetectable when worn close to another person's face; they were by and large worn on the fourth finger so they could conceal any flaws or defects on hands — a typical reason for being dismissed by likely admirers!

As well as being utilized as insurance against black magic specialists like pixies and mythical people (who must be hurt by enchantment drives), a few early European couples accepted these diamond engagement rings would go about as an ornament against curses put upon them after death had disregarded them during life."


The ring was an image of adoration and warmth, it was taken to imply that the lady. It likewise showed which hand she wore it on — the left hand for men, and the right hand for ladies.

The principal engagement rings were produced using gold or silver; they were straightforward groups without any diamonds or different embellishments. These early rings might have been worn by the two genders however as a rule they were worn on the center finger of one's left hand since this is what you would normally do in the event that somebody gave you an engagement ring as a present (rather than staying it in your pocket).


In the mid 1900s, Solitaire or Platinum engagement rings were an image of status and riches. As a matter of fact, it was only after the 1920s that the custom of having the option to trade gifts on engagement dates became well known. Furthermore, it was only after around 1950 that individuals began buying wedding groups for their accomplices rather than simply giving them cash (despite the fact that they may as yet do both!).

Today there are various sorts of engagement rings accessible online — from exemplary solitaires in silver or gold to vivid groups produced using diamonds and other valuable stones — and each has its own remarkable story behind it!


The mid 2000s were a period of incredible change for the web. More individuals were utilizing the web and online shopping was on the ascent. It seemed like each day there was one more better approach to shop, so it wasn't was actually to be expected that Halo engagement rings could be purchased online too.

Truth be told, this was going on even before we had virtual entertainment stages like Facebook or Twitter: in 1998, Cleaned Jewelry sent off their site with an online store where clients could peruse jewelry assortments and request things straightforwardly from their homes through telephone or PC (Cleaned Jewelry).


These documentaries are a great way to learn more about engagement rings and other jewelry pieces. They can provide insight into the history of diamonds and how they're used, as well as how they're sold in today's world. The films also explore issues like human trafficking and child labor, which we hope will influence consumers who want to make ethical decisions when shopping for a solitaire engagement ring.

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