Aftershocks From Magnitude 6 Quake Rattle California, Nevada

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Aftershocks person deed the portion betwixt Northern California and Nevada Friday aft a magnitude 6 earthquake sent ample boulders rolling into highways and knocked smaller items disconnected shelves.

The quake soon earlier 4 p.m. Thursday was centered southbound of Lake Tahoe adjacent Walker, a agrarian assemblage of a fewer 100 households successful the eastbound Sierra Nevada. It was felt arsenic acold disconnected arsenic Las Vegas and San Francisco, authorities said. Days of aftershocks are expected.

California authorities exigency crews worked overnight and recovered insignificant roadworthy harm but nary important impacts to infrastructure, said Brian Ferguson, spokesperson for the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. No injuries were instantly reported.


“We were relieved it wasn’t thing much substantial,” helium said.

Thursday's earthquake was followed by scores of aftershocks, including astatine slightest a half-dozen of magnitude 4 oregon above, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Friday's shocks are magnitude 3.7 and below.

Sally Rosen, proprietor of the Walker Burger restaurant, said Friday that she did not slumber well.

“There were aftershocks each night. There were a mates that were precise beardown successful the mediate of the night. And I adjacent felt 1 this greeting astatine the restaurant,” Rosen said. Nothing compared to the archetypal jolt and dense shaking from the time before: “It was the astir intense, convulsive benignant of shaking” she’d ever felt, she said.

Cups, supplies and canned nutrient tumbled disconnected shelves and the contents of the refrigerator shifted around, but by greeting they had cleaned it each up and the store was backmost unfastened for business, she said.

The California Highway Patrol said immoderate cars were struck by rocks but determination were nary injuries. Video from drivers showed cars dilatory navigating astir large blocks of chromatic that littered the roadway.

At 1 point, rockslides closed astir 40 miles (64 kilometers) of the interstate, a large way done the bluish Sierra Nevada, but the roadworthy reopened immoderate hours later.

Boxes flew disconnected the shelves astatine Smith’s Food and Drug successful Gardnerville, Nevada.

“Our full full store was shaking,” said Brittany Oswald, who works astatine the store’s deli. “I conscionable stood determination and held onto a table, and waited for it to end.”

The seismic waves rolled retired crossed the eastbound Sierra — wherever thousands of radical campy and hike successful nationalist forests — westward done California's cultivation Central Valley and were felt astir 250 miles (402 kilometers) distant successful San Francisco.

Sacramento besides felt the shaking and truthful did Las Vegas, astir the aforesaid region southeast of Walker.

The quake occurred on the Antelope Valley fault, which extends crossed the authorities enactment adjacent Topaz Lake. Quakes aren't uncommon there, seismologists said. Last month, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake rattled the eastbound Sierra municipality of Lone Pine and sent boulders crashing down Mt. Whitney.

However, Thursday's temblor was the largest recorded since a magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck the country successful 1994.


Olga R. Rodriguez and Daisy Nguyen successful San Francisco, Christopher Weber successful Los Angeles and Michelle Price successful Las Vegas contributed to this report.

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