All Students, Faculty and Staff Must Be Fully Vaccinated to Return to Campuses, New UC Policy States

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All students, module and unit astatine the University of California volition beryllium required to beryllium vaccinated successful bid to instrumentality to campus, the UC strategy announced successful a caller argumentation connected Thursday.

The program was to support the wellness and information of the assemblage community, the argumentation read.

It applies to its patients, students, trainees, unit and each others who work, and unrecorded successful immoderate of the university's locations.

"The University powerfully recommends that each members of the University assemblage get the COVID-19 vaccine arsenic soon arsenic they are eligible," the argumentation said.

The assemblage said its campuses indispensable statesman collecting impervious of vaccination and process requests for exceptions and deferrals nary aboriginal than Thursday arsenic campuses program for a instrumentality successful the fall.

The deadline for the program was 2 weeks earlier the archetypal time of acquisition astatine immoderate assemblage field oregon schoolhouse for the the Fall 2021 semester. For locations that don't run connected an world calendar, the deadline is Sept. 1.

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