Asian Currency Unit (ACU) Definition

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What Was the Asian Currency Unit (ACU)?

The Asian Currency Unit (ACU), besides known arsenic the Asian Monetary Unit (AMU), was a projected basket of Asian currencies, akin to the European Currency Unit, which was the precursor of the euro communal currency. Today, the ACU remains an world task with nary existent traction among Asian governments, nor overmuch fashionable enactment among its citizens.

Key Takeaways

  • The Asian Currency Unit (ACU) was a connection led by the Asian Development Bank intended to foster a communal currency portion successful Asia.
  • The extremity of the ACU was to beforehand greater escaped commercialized and fiscal flows among Asian countries and loosen the region's dependence connected the U.S. dollar. 
  • While inactive being explored, the ACU has not yet recovered immoderate existent traction among Asian governments.

Understanding the Asian Currency Unit (ACU)

The extremity of the ACU was to beforehand greater escaped commercialized and fiscal flows among Asian countries and loosen the region's dependence connected the U.S. dollar. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is liable for exploring the feasibility and operation of the currency handbasket on with Japan's Research Institute connected Economy, Trade, and Industry (RIETI).

The ACU is simply a projected currency basket for the currencies of Asian countries that would see China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. In particular, it would service arsenic a communal currency handbasket composed of 13 East Asian currencies, specified as ASEAN 10 positive Japan, China, and South Korea.

The ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) is simply a determination enactment of 10 Southeast Asian and Pacific Rim countries whose governments collaborate to beforehand socio-cultural, economic, and governmental advancement successful the region. Other proposals person called for the ACU to besides see Hong Kong and New Zealand.

The rationale for ACU was that it could beryllium utilized arsenic a means of enhancing interior speech complaint stableness if the determination cardinal banks statesman to stabilize their respective currencies to the ACU unit, frankincense helping trim the anticipation of determination competitive devaluations, wherever 1 state strategically devalues its currency successful effect to different country's ain devaluation.

The conception of stabilization via an interior handbasket akin to Europe’s Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) is chiseled from stabilization utilizing an outer unit, which would necessitate that the ACU, successful turn, beryllium pegged successful immoderate mode to outer currencies specified arsenic the US dollar oregon euro, oregon to immoderate outer basket.

There person been a fig of fiscal instruments that usage baskets of Asian currencies, but these are individually constructed and are not sponsored oregon utilized arsenic a means of speech successful the countries represented. But, determination were obstacles preventing the instauration of an authoritative Asian Currency Unit, including terrible misalignments betwixt the assorted determination currencies that would person been involved.

The ACU Basket

The projected ACU handbasket includes 13 currencies:

ACU Component Currencies Country Currency
Brunei Brunei dollar
Cambodia Cambodian riel
China Chinese Yuan (Renminbi)
Indonesia Indonesian rupiah
Japan Japanese yen
Laos Lao kip
Malaysia Malaysian ringgit
Myanmar Burmese kyat
Philippines Philippine peso
Singapore Singapore dollar
South Korea South Korean won
Thailand Thai baht
Vietnam Vietnamese đồng

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