Bay Area Businesses Being Cautious as COVID-19 Cases Rise

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As of Wednesday night, much than fractional of the Bay Area would beryllium successful the state's astir restrictive "purple" COVID-19 tier if that strategy was inactive successful place.

It's different motion of however accelerated cases are climbing.

Six Bay Area counties reporting rates higher than 10 cases per 100,000 people. One of those counties is San Mateo County.

The owners of physique magnifique successful South San Francisco are covid careful.

Vaccination records are connected record and cleaning protocols are successful place.

With COVID-19 cases erstwhile again connected the emergence successful the Bay Area information remains the absorption astatine this gym.

Under the aged authorities tier system, San Mateo County would beryllium connected the verge of a unopen down for gyms and indoor dining.


At Cafe 382, Kosta Panos is hoping the emergence successful cases volition summation involvement successful the vaccine.

“Hopefully everyone gets their enactment unneurotic and gets shots. I didn't privation to but I did,” helium said.

UCSF infectious illness Dr. Peter Chin Hong says the delta variant is fueling the latest surge.

But helium doesn't spot a request for unopen down arsenic agelong arsenic hospitals are not overwhelmed.

“Even though we person precocious curve of infections, my feeling is it won't construe into utilizing a ton of infirmary resources,” helium said.

Chin Hong said indoor masking is your champion protection. A wont immoderate ne'er gave up.

“When I spell to crowded places, I inactive deterioration it. I person 1 successful the car successful my shirt,” Said Luis Campos of Lanora Gold store successful San Francisco.

The CDC and the California Department of Public Health is recommending masking indoors for everyone vaccinated and not vaccinated.

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