Bay Area Fire Stations Increase Staffing Given Dangerous Weather Conditions

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Communities successful the Bay Area were pulling unneurotic Sunday to combat fires. 

Fire Station 8 successful the Corridor disconnected Page Mill Road successful Los Altos hasn’t been afloat staffed successful the summertime successful years. 

Now, a squad has been astatine the Mountainshop Station since June, offering a quicker effect clip for immoderate fires successful the hills. 


“Because of the Red Flag Warning issued from 5 p.m. till 5 a.m. we volition beryllium staffing the presumption 24 hours,” said Captain Bill Murphy of the Santa Clara County Fire Department.

But that wasn't ever the case. Since 2016, Fire Station 8 has lone been staffed sporadically from June to October. But fixed the dense vegetation, adust brushwood and upwind conditions, the Los Altos Hills County Fire District, the metropolis of Palo Alto and the Santa Clara County Fire Department agreed connected a rotation to unit the presumption from June until Halloween.

The determination volition assistance support hundreds of homes nestled successful the hillside.

“Our extremity is to support occurrence tiny having the resources wherever we tin get to fires rapidly connected the hillside volition connection amended extortion than successful years past,” said Murphy.

Better extortion not conscionable for homeowners but for radical similar Jeanette Lovely of San Jose who heads present to foothills quality sphere each week to hike.

“For radical similar myself who are hiking, present the occurrence engines tin get determination successful 5 minutes if there’s a occurrence versus 20 minutes going up the elevation and truthful I’m precise blessed and I consciousness harmless it’s great,” she said.

An RV occurrence successful the Santa Cruz Mountains Sunday was a reminder of conscionable however rapidly flames tin spread. It grew rapidly to a 4th acre. Cal Fire teams moved successful swiftly, attacking from the aerial and crushed to douse the flames.

That added hazard remains apical of mind.

“As the upwind moves forward, we are expecting lightning without immoderate rainfall truthful it’s precise apt it could commencement a fire,” said Murphy.

Fire Station 8 could stay afloat staffed beyond October 31 if conditions warrant.

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