Bay Area's Afghan Community Reacts to Biden's Troops Withdrawal Announcement

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One of the largest populations of Afghans extracurricular of Afghanistan is successful the Bay Area.

Many of the Bay Area’s Afghan assemblage person beardown opinions aft President Joe Biden announced connected Thursday the United States subject cognition successful Afghanistan volition extremity connected August 31.

There are an estimated 25,000 Afghans surviving successful Fremont. Many of them are surviving successful an country known arsenic Little Kabul.

The assemblage is intimately watching what happens present that the United States has said it volition beryllium wholly withdrawing from Afghanistan by the extremity of adjacent month.

Nearly everyone agrees the United States ngo successful Afghanistan would person been much difficult, if not for the assistance of afghan translators.

“Without translators, they wouldn’t cognize thing astir force intel. About the Taliban intel,” said Mujtaba Hamdard.

Hamdard ought to cognize arsenic his begetter Abdul was 1 of the translators.

“I was 11 oregon 12 and helium would spell distant for a fewer months and travel back. I wasn’t asking questions. Only like, hey dad’s home, you know?” helium said.

Word is present spreading done Fremont’s Little Kabul assemblage that the United States volition find sanctuary for the translators near down successful Afghanistan.

But Hamed Popal said the United States shouldn’t halt astatine translators, considering anyone seen arsenic sympathetic to the westbound is apt to beryllium a people erstwhile troops leave.

“If you privation to save, you person to deliberation astir everybody else. You privation to prevention this group, what astir the different ones?” Popal said.

That is portion of the sentiment successful Little Kabu.

At slightest 65,000 Afghans telephone the East Bay location now.

It’s considered the largest gathering of Afghans successful the occidental world.

Even though, Afghan humor runs heavy successful the veins of Mujtaba, helium considers himself an American now.

“Yeah. I am. And I’m proud,” said Hamdard.

Proud capable to privation to springiness backmost by 1 time becoming a U.S. constabulary officer.

Hamdard said helium owes it each to his begetter who helped Americans successful Afghanistan, and yet recovered a aboriginal successful America.

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