Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Explained How Writing "Good Will Hunting" Nearly Ruined Their Friendship And Revealed Why It Took Them 25 Years To Work Together Again

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"Good Will Hunting took america truthful long...we were, like, unemployed, broke guys."

Posted connected October 14, 2021, astatine 11:32 a.m. ET

You cognize Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

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Two of Hollywood's biggest names — who besides hap to beryllium life-long BFFs.

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And successful an manufacture filled with emotion stories, Matt and Ben's bromance is beauteous hard to beat.

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However, adjacent the champion of friendships are enactment to the test, and the duo conscionable opened up astir however the lengthy process of penning their Oscar winning screenplay for Good Will Hunting astir enactment their concern successful jeopardy.

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But first, let maine to explicate however 1 of Hollywood's astir iconic bromances came to be.

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So, Ben and Matt archetypal met successful the 1980's aft being introduced by their moms erstwhile they were aged 8 and 10-years-old, respectively.

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The brace really lived 2 blocks distant from 1 different successful Massachussets and instantly deed it off, bonding implicit their shared emotion of sports and acting.

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"Before Matt, I was by myself. Acting was a solo enactment wherever I'd conscionable spell disconnected and bash something, enactment successful a small TV amusement oregon something, and nary 1 understood it," Ben recalled of their aboriginal days. "All of a sudden, I had this friend, Matt, and helium gets it and wants to bash it and thinks it's absorbing and wants to speech astir it. Soon some of america are doing it."

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In fact, Matt recalled the nonstop infinitesimal successful schoolhouse that their relationship was cemented, aft Ben bravely came to his defence during a fight. In an interview successful 2019, Matt told Conan O'Brien that from that infinitesimal helium knew that Ben "was a bully person to have."

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Later down the line, Ben — who already had an cause — helped Matt find practice to footwear commencement their careers, and they began to be auditions together. But it wasn’t agelong earlier the duo teamed up for a task of their own.

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So, successful the 90's aft a drawstring of movie roles, the 2 yet moved successful unneurotic and got to enactment connected penning their archetypal first screenplay for a small movie called Good Will Hunting.

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As I'm definite you know, Good Will Hunting was a beauteous immense occurrence for Matt and Ben, and they swiftly changeable to stardom successful 1997 aft the movie was awarded a Golden Globe and an Oscar for champion screenplay.

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If you've not seen it, Matt and Ben prima alongside 1 different arsenic champion friends, with Matt taking connected the rubric relation of Will Hunting. They were besides joined by Robin Williams, who went connected to triumph an Oscar for his performance.

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Ben and Matt became household names arsenic a result, and contempt their countless different projects successful the decades since, it's inactive what galore radical cognize them champion for.

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So, flash-forward implicit 20 years, and Matt and Ben person teamed up erstwhile again for their 2nd co-writing endeavour called, The Last Duel.

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And contempt maintaining a adjacent relationship, this marks the archetypal clip that Matt and Ben person written a publication unneurotic since Good Will Hunting, which they wrote backmost successful 1996.

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The caller movie is simply a humanities play successful which co-writers Ben and Matt prima alongside Jodie Comer and Adam Driver, and is acceptable to premiere this Friday.

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Speaking astir their caller task connected The Tonight Show connected Wednesday, Matt explained that — successful spite of its occurrence — penning the publication for Good Will Hunting wasn't each plain sailing, and revealed that the lengthy process astir killed the penning concern betwixt him and Ben.

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"I mean, I deliberation Good Will Hunting took america truthful long. We were, like, unemployed, broke guys." Matt explained erstwhile asked wherefore it took 25 years for the duo to collaborate again. "It took america everlastingly to constitute that screenplay."

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"I deliberation we wrote thousands and thousands of pages. I don't deliberation we truly knew what we were doing," helium added. "I deliberation that benignant of enactment america disconnected penning again, due to the fact that we ne'er thought we'd person the time."

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Although, Matt went connected to recognition their decades of acquisition successful the movie manufacture for helping things spell a small much smoothly 2nd clip around.

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"I deliberation we recovered penning this that we really benignant of picked up operation implicit the past 25 years of benignant of making movies, and truthful it went a batch faster," the histrion explained of the caller project.

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However, the occurrence of The Last Duel publication wasn't without a helping hand. The brace were joined connected The Tonight Show by co-writer, Nicole Holofcener, who was enlisted by Matt and Ben to connection "female perspective" connected the screenplay.

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And what's more, this comes conscionable days aft the brace attracted a batch of attraction aft revealing that they had been acceptable to stock their precise archetypal onscreen kiss successful an earlier adaption of The Last Duel script.

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So, Matt's quality was primitively intended to buss Ben's successful the movie, which focuses connected the past legally sanctioned duel successful France's history, whereby sharing a buss was customary to commencement the ceremony.

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"In the archetypal existent mentation of that scene...the mode that ceremonial really took spot was that you kissed everybody connected the mouth," Ben said successful an interrogation with Entertainment Tonight past week. "And we had that successful the script."

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However, it sadly wasn't meant to be, arsenic the film's director, Ridley Scott, yet made the telephone to chopped to kiss, wary that it mightiness distract from the scene.

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But, for Ben and Matt each anticipation is not lost, with the Gone Girl histrion adding that the duo's archetypal onscreen buss "is going to person to wait" for their adjacent co-writing endeavour.

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Although, we anticipation we won't person to hold different 25 years earlier then.

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