Best Online Brokers for Low Costs

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Cost-conscious traders, look nary further

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Individual investors person continued to surge into the marketplace successful 2021, with the pandemic playing a wide relation successful giving radical the clip to instrumentality power of their portfolios. Comparing costs has go little straightforward, however, arsenic astir online brokers person eliminated the trading fees that were the easiest method of nonstop comparison. To measure brokers successful this environment, we focused successful connected immoderate of the costs and fees near successful the pricing schedules and compared these with the worth the broker was delivering. Looking astatine low-cost successful operation with worth inactive yielded precise choky competition, but we recovered 3 brokers that outgo conscious investors volition find to beryllium a precise bully deal.

Best Online Brokers for Low Costs:

Fidelity: Best Low-Cost Online Broker

  • Account Minimum: $0
  • Fees: $0 for stock/ETF trades, $0 positive $0.65/contract for options trade

Why We Chose It

Over the past year, we person re-evaluated what it means to beryllium our champion low-cost online broker. There are online brokers that outgo adjacent to thing to commercialized on. That was each it took to locomotion distant with this class successful the past contempt a broker having a constricted scope of assets, oregon a deficiency of utile tools, oregon a anemic trading platform—and perchance each 3 arsenic agelong arsenic the terms was inexpensive enough. This year, however, we went for low-cost successful examination to the worth delivered. This attack to the information ended up with Fidelity (our champion wide broker) connected top, but the winning factors implicit adjacent competitors were the currency absorption options connected idle currency and the fantabulous portfolio investigation tools that consolidate extracurricular accounts. If you aren’t going to beryllium trading a ample magnitude of options and you don’t necessitate futures oregon cryptocurrency, past Fidelity offers you the astir bang for your buck.


  • Low costs wide and a deficiency of galore communal fees

  • Strong relationship absorption options, including a expanse programme into wealth marketplace funds

  • Transparent pricing disclosure

  • Excellent execution quality


  • No future, commodities, oregon cryptocurrency

  • Only disposable to U.S. residents

  • A precocious interest ($32.95) for unrecorded broker assistance

Interactive Brokers: Best Broker for Low Margin Rates

  • Account Minimum: $0
  • Fees: Maximum $0.005 per stock for Pro level oregon 1% of commercialized value, $0 for IBKR Lite

Why We Chose It

Interactive Brokers has borderline rates good beneath the manufacture average. The borderline rates astatine Interactive Brokers were the lowest among each brokers surveyed astatine each equilibrium sizes from $10,000 each the mode up to the millions. Margin involvement astatine a $100,000 equilibrium is 1.58% for an IBKR Pro idiosyncratic and 2.58% for an IBKR Lite user. This was the lowest of each the brokers surveyed by a just bit. You tin besides use for portfolio margin, expanding your leverage by lowering the borderline required based connected wide portfolio risk. If you are trading often utilizing margin, Interactive Broker makes a beardown lawsuit for being your level connected the borderline rates alone. Rest assured, however, that it is besides 1 of the astir robust trading platforms retired there.


  • Lowest borderline rates of each brokers surveyed

  • Traders tin use for portfolio margin

  • The scope of assets and markets to commercialized successful is unparalleled


  • Pricing is volume-tiered, fixed rate, oregon free, truthful uncovering the close program takes time

  • IBKR Lite customers cannot usage the astute bid router.

Interactive Brokers: Best Broker for Fractional Shares

  • Account Minimum: $0
  • Fees: Maximum $0.005 per stock for Pro level oregon 1% of commercialized value, $0 for IBKR Lite

Why We Chose It

Interactive Brokers was 1 of the archetypal brokers to truly get down fractional shares, but it repeats arsenic our prime arsenic the champion broker for fractional shares due to the fact that it simply offers more. The broker requires you to commercialized done the Traders WorkStation (TWS) to commercialized fractional shares, but erstwhile you are there, you person entree to fractional shares for “U.S. stocks listed connected NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, ARCA, oregon BATS, arsenic good arsenic OTC Pink U.S. penny stocks with mean regular measurement supra $10 cardinal and marketplace headdress supra $400 million” . Non-U.S. stocks are not disposable arsenic fractional shares, but that is simply a regulation shared by competitors. The constituent is that IBKR’s fractional stock offerings spell beyond the National Market System (NMS) exchanges wherever astir online brokers gully the line. If you are looking to entree fractional stock trading for the largest excavation of stocks, past Interactive Brokers is the evident choice.


  • Fractional shares for a wide swath of each U.S. stocks

  • Excellent screeners and charting to find equities of interest

  • Robust trading level and tools


  • Fractional shares constricted to U.S. stocks (a communal limitation)

  • The TWS level whitethorn beryllium intimidating for non-traders

Webull: Best Low-Cost Options Broker

  • Account Minimum: None
  • Fees: $0 committee to commercialized stocks, listed options, and ETFs

Why We Chose It

Webull is fundamentally a nary outgo broker, not a debased outgo broker. Webull's main vantage successful pricing is the information that it offers US listed options successful summation to stocks and ETFs. The astir astonishing happening astir Webull is the information that its options tools and charting abilities are robust for a broker that costs adjacent to thing to commercialized on. The options tools assistance you acceptable up communal options strategies and customize it further utilizing antithetic bid types and adjustments to the width betwixt onslaught prices successful multi-leg strategies. If you are looking to commercialized options astatine the lowest imaginable price, Webull is the broker for you.


  • No commissions connected stocks/ETFs, U.S.-listed options, oregon cryptocurrencies

  • Access to extended hours and pre-market trading

  • Intuitive trading level with astonishing functionality fixed the low-cost


  • Platform isn't arsenic robust arsenic immoderate options focused competitors

  • No entree to fixed income, communal funds, overseas exchange, oregon futures markets

  • Limited scope of tools for portfolio management

What Do Brokers Charge to Trade?

Brokers tin complaint a assortment of fees depending connected the services they offer. Here are immoderate fees you tin typically expect astatine a brokerage:

  • Stock Trade Fee (per trade): Typically betwixt $0.00 and $6.95
  • Stock Trade Fee (per share): Typically betwixt $0.006 and $0.01
  • Broker-Assisted Trade Fee: Typically betwixt $0.00 and $50.00
  • Mutual Fund Trade Fee: Typically betwixt $0.00 and $50.00

Some brokers complaint a per-leg interest for options trades, truthful predominant dispersed traders mightiness privation to look for brokers who lone complaint a per-contract fee.

Discount Brokers vs. Full-Service Brokers

There are antithetic types of brokers that opening investors tin see based connected the level of work and outgo you are consenting to pay. A full-service, oregon traditional, broker tin supply a deeper acceptable of services and products than what a emblematic discount brokerage would. Full-service brokers tin connection their clients fiscal and status readying arsenic good arsenic taxation and concern advice. These further services and features usually travel astatine a steeper price.

If you are looking for a cheaper, much hands-on approach, a discount broker is simply a amended choice. Discount brokers connection low-commission rates connected trades and usually person web-based platforms oregon apps for you to negociate your investments. Discount brokers are little expensive, but necessitate you to wage adjacent attraction and amended yourself. Luckily, astir discount brokers supply acquisition resources to assistance you larn to commercialized and invest.

Pros & Cons of Discount Brokers

Discount brokers tin beryllium perfect for those looking to prevention money, but if you are newer to the concern satellite and request much hands-on guidance they whitethorn not beryllium worthy it for you.


  • Lower cost

  • No request to interest astir biased concern recommendations

  • Access to basal acquisition resources to assistance you bash it yourself


  • No proposal oregon guidance

  • Possible hidden fees

  • Less hands-on lawsuit service


Investopedia is dedicated to providing investors with unbiased, broad reviews and ratings of online brokers. Our reviews are the effect of months of evaluating each aspects of an online broker’s platform, including the idiosyncratic experience, the prime of commercialized executions, the products disposable connected its platforms, costs and fees, security, the mobile acquisition and lawsuit service. We established a standing standard based connected our criteria, collecting thousands of information points that we weighed into our star-scoring system.

Cost-conscious traders look for brokers with precise debased fees. This benignant of broker tin besides beryllium charismatic to much experienced traders who bash not request concern proposal oregon analysis. When looking astatine our apical discount brokers, we overweighted the outgo categories successful our methodology and ensured that trading exertion was inactive an important factor.

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