Biden Says U.S. War in Afghanistan Will End August 31

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President Joe Biden connected Thursday said the U.S. subject ngo successful Afghanistan volition reason connected Aug. 31, saying “speed is safety” arsenic the United States seeks to extremity the astir 20-year war.

“We did not spell to Afghanistan to federation build,” Biden said successful a code to update his administration’s ongoing efforts to upwind down the U.S. warfare successful Afghanistan. “Afghan leaders person to travel unneurotic and thrust toward a future.”

Biden besides amplified the justification of his determination to extremity U.S. subject operations adjacent arsenic the Taliban marque accelerated advances successful important swaths of the country.


The effort to further explicate his reasoning connected Afghanistan comes arsenic the medication successful caller days has repeatedly sought to framework ending the struggle arsenic a determination that Biden made aft concluding it’s an “unwinnable war” and 1 that “does not person a subject solution.”

“How galore more, however galore much thousands of American daughters and sons are you consenting to risk?” Biden said to those calling for the U.S. to widen the subject operation. He added, “I volition not nonstop different procreation of Americans to warfare successful Afghanistan, with nary tenable anticipation of achieving a antithetic outcome."

Biden said helium didn't spot the Taliban but trusted the capableness of the Afghan subject to support the government.

Before his speech, White House property caput Jen Psaki said Biden medication officials ever anticipated an “uptick” successful unit and greater turmoil arsenic the U.S. withdrawal moved forward. She added that prolonging U.S. subject involvement, considering erstwhile President Donald Trump had already agreed to retreat U.S. troops from Afghanistan by May 2021, would person led to an escalation of attacks connected American troops.

“The question fundamentally facing him was aft 20 years was helium going to perpetrate much American troops to a civilian warfare successful Afghanistan,” Psaki said.

Biden said it was “highly unlikely” that 1 authorities volition power Afghanistan aft the U.S. pullout, and urged the Afghan authorities to scope a woody with the Taliban.

The president added that determination is nary “mission accomplished” infinitesimal arsenic the U.S. warfare comes to an end.

“The ngo was accomplished successful that we got Osama bin Laden and coercion is not emanating from that portion of the world," helium said.

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