Billie Eilish Called Out Jimmy Kimmel For Making Her Look A "Little Stupid" When He Asked Her About Van Halen

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"Everybody thought I was really superior and didn't cognize anything."

The twelvemonth was 2019. There was nary pandemic. And, inexplicably, we were each obsessed with whether oregon not Billie Eilish — past 17 years aged — knew who Van Halen was.

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If this is each quality to you, backmost successful the time Billie went connected Jimmy Kimmel Live wherever helium quizzed her connected '80s civilization — wherever she seemed to not cognize who Van Halen, Mr. T, oregon Run-DMC were. S C A N D A L.

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I'm being sarcastic, but yes, immoderate radical were really upset.

"Do you retrieve past clip I was here? And you made maine look a small stupid?" Billie asked.


"I thought it was comic due to the fact that I was playing along, and everybody thought I was really superior and didn't cognize anything," she continued.


"I did cognize [Van Halen]. Yes, determination was a batch of things you asked, and I was like, 'I don't know.'"

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However, Billie said that she wasn't bothered by the radical who took her words excessively seriously: "It was funny. I didn't truly care."

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Anyway, disconnected I spell to quiz my parents astir deed euphony from the 1920s...

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