Britney Spears Subtly Called Out That Lookalike In "The Justin Timberlake Video" For "Cry Me A River"

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"Hmmmm thing looks familiar..."

As you mightiness know, Britney Spears likes to play dress-up connected Instagram.

In a caller video, she threw connected a pageboy headdress and noticed something...

"Hmmmm thing looks acquainted …. The chapeau 👒 …. hold I look 👀 similar that miss successful the Justin Timberlake video with that chapeau successful Cry Me A River !!! Oh s**t that’s ME!!! I'm Britney Spears ⭐️ ."

Britney, who dated Justin from 1999 to 2002, is intelligibly having the past laughter re: Justin's 2002 opus "Cry Me a River" video, which featured a Britney lookalike (wearing a pageboy hat) cheating connected him.

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After the video dropped 20(!) years ago, Britney became unfairly villainized successful the tribunal of nationalist opinion. Justin aboriginal apologized to his ex aft the documentary Framing Britney Spears aired, arsenic the doc efficaciously outlined however "Cry Me A River" launched Justin's palmy solo vocation astatine Britney's expense.

"The manufacture is flawed," Justin wrote. "It sets men, particularly achromatic men up for success. As a antheral successful a privileged presumption I person to beryllium vocal astir this. Because of my ignorance, I didn't admit it for each that it was portion it was happening successful my ain beingness but I bash not privation to ever payment from others being pulled down again."

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Back successful 2011, Britney opened up to Rolling Stone astir however the video wounded her astatine the time, saying, "[Justin] called maine up and down it was, 'And by the way, you’re successful a video that’s coming out. Don’t interest astir it. It’s not a large deal.' So the grounds statement called and said, 'If you privation to alteration this, you can.' I had the powerfulness to accidental nary to the video. But I didn’t, due to the fact that I thought, 'Hey, it’s your video.' I hadn’t seen it."

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"Then it came out, and I said, 'I should’ve freakin’ said nary to this s**t!' I was truthful like, 'Woah. What is going connected close now?' I deliberation it looks similar specified a hopeless attempt, personally."

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These days it seems similar Brit and Justin are connected good terms. She casually quoted him connected IG, backmost successful August, writing, "As JT would accidental ... haters gonna accidental it's fake!!!!!"

Still, I'm ever present for a nice, subtle drag(ney).

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