California Reports First 2021 Death from West Nile Virus

2 weeks ago 6

California connected Friday reported the state’s archetypal decease from the West Nile microorganism this year.

A nonmigratory of San Luis Obispo County died from complications of the mosquito-born virus, the California Department of Public Health said successful a quality release. It didn’t accidental erstwhile the idiosyncratic died oregon supply different details.

“Hot temperatures this period are contributing to expanding numbers of mosquitoes and the accrued hazard of microorganism transmission to humans,” the section said.


There person been much than 300 deaths from West Nile microorganism successful California since 2003, the section said.

It appeared that the idiosyncratic was infected portion traveling extracurricular the region to an country wherever virus-infected mosquitoes are endemic, the county’s Public Health Department said.

Most radical infected with West Nile don’t person immoderate symptoms, portion astir 1 successful 5 person flu-like symptoms and less than 1% of radical make superior neurological problems specified arsenic encephalitis oregon meningitis, wellness officials said.

People property 50 oregon older and those with diabetes oregon hypertension are astatine higher hazard of getting sick and processing complications, authorities said.

More than 300 deaths from West Nile person been reported successful California since 2003, according to authorities figures.

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