Corte Madera Holds Rally to Remember Rep. John Lewis

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One twelvemonth ago, legendary congressman and civilian rights activistic John Lewis passed away.

There were a fig of rallies -and ceremonies crossed the Bay Area and the remainder of the state to grant his legacy.

One of the vigils took spot astatine Corte Madera.


“It's truly hard to judge that John Lewis is not with america anymore. He was an inspiration for truthful galore people, he's a titan of voting rights and civilian rights,” said Susan Bolle, lawsuit organizer

It's 1 of much than 100 crossed the state organized to unit legislature to walk the John Lewis voting rights act.

But organizers of this lawsuit aren't conscionable rallying, they're besides making telephone calls, trying to person radical to enactment the legislation.

“We've been contacting voters successful the states of immoderate of the recalcitrant Senators, who are loathe to betterment the filibuster and frankly, our ain Senator, Feinstein is successful that group,” said Bolle.

From Corte Madera to this lawsuit successful Washington, D.C., the rallying outcry went retired successful metropolis aft city.

In San Diego, an grant of a antithetic benignant for the Georgia congressman. The christening of the United States Navy vessel named successful his honor.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attended Saturday’s lawsuit successful San Diego.

“One of the mottos of the Navy is Semper Fortis, ever courageous. And John Lewis was so ever courageous,” she said.

The USNS John Lewis is the pb vas of its people of substance proviso ships for the navy.

In the twelvemonth since his passing, congressman Lewis’ bequest of voting rights activism continues to inspire. Not conscionable due to the fact that of his mission. But besides due to the fact that of his methods.

“He was a joyful person, and I deliberation that's thing that needs to proceed here, arsenic we combat a combat that truly needs to beryllium fought,” said Santa Rosa nonmigratory Don Feely. “I deliberation we request to attack it with joyousness and enthusiasm.”

There are presently 2 bills circulating done Congress focused connected voting rights. The archetypal is the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

The Second is the 'For the People Act'. Both person stalled successful the Senate due to the fact that of Republicans efforts to artifact them.

About 100 radical are astatine a vigil successful Corte Madera honoring Congressman John Lewis.
One twelvemonth since his passing, they’re calling connected Members of Congress to walk authorities protecting voting rights.

— Sergio Quintana (@svqjournalist) July 18, 2021
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