COVID-19 Cases Surging in San Francisco Again: Officials

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San Francisco offered a sobering update astir the COVID-19 pandemic Friday by saying precise plainly “we are surging again.”

The city's wellness manager besides offered immoderate position connected breakthrough cases among afloat vaccinated residents.

“We are besides successful the midst 4th of surge present successful the city,” said Dr. Grant Colfax with San Francisco’s Department of Public Health.

Colfax said that the caller COVID-19 surge is driven by the delta variant contempt the city’s precocious vaccination rates.

“The complaint of summation really happening faster than what we saw with our anterior 3 surges,” helium added.

As cases proceed to rise, determination is caller information astir the effectiveness of the vaccine astatine preventing infections.

“You tin spot from the information the complaint among radical who are not afloat vaccinated is 36.8. The complaint among radical are afloat vaccinated successful 16.2. Again, that is grounds that these vaccines are working,” Colfax added.


The metropolis has besides addressed questions astir the efficacy of the vaccine.

“They’re not arsenic effectual astatine preventing interruption done infections arsenic they are astatine hospitalizations. But truly astatine the opening of the pandemic the accent was connected preventing superior morbidity and mortality and close present the vaccines are performing highly well,” Colfax said.

Colfax added those who are afloat vaccinated for COVID-19 are 9 times little apt to beryllium hospitalized arsenic those who aren’t and they’re looking astatine adjacent steps.

“We are precise vigorously exploring issuing an indoor disguise mandate and successful discussions with surrounding counties and wellness officers successful respect to that,” Colfax said.

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