COVID-19 Hospitalizations Spiking Across Bay Area, California

1 month ago 11

Just implicit 3,600 radical are hospitalized with COVID-19 successful California, arsenic of Thursday, an summation of astir 108% from 2 weeks ago, and doctors person said astir of those patients are not vaccinated.

The Bay Area besides has seen a spike successful COVID-19 hospitalizations, with Alameda County topping the database astatine 160 patients. Contra Costa County follows with 126, past Santa Clara County with 86.

Up northbound successful Sacramento, Mercy General Hospital has acceptable up a surge structure successful lawsuit it is overwhelmed with different spike of COVID-19 patients. It besides has tents to trial patients who are astir to acquisition an operation, successful an effort to trim vulnerability to different patients.

The pandemic erstwhile again is taking its toll connected wellness attraction providers.

"Is it getting easier for us? No. This is simply a pandemic that I've ne'er seen," caregiver Catherine Kennedy told KCRA successful Sacramento. "I've been successful this for 41 years. I've been done the AIDS, I've been done Ebola. But this has truly taken a toll connected everybody. Nurses, physicians; we are each exhausted."

While implicit 61% percent of Californians person received astatine slightest 1 dose of the vaccine, the complaint of vaccination is slowing successful the state, inactive 9% abbreviated of the extremity of 70% vaccinated. Doctors and scientists judge that is the magic fig needed to execute herd immunity.

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