Cries for Help Reportedly Heard, But East Bay Runner Remains Missing

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Cries for assistance were reportedly heard successful the country wherever an East Bay runner is believed to person gone missing Saturday, but searchers person yet to find him.

Philip Kreycik, 37, hasn't been seen oregon heard from since Saturday greeting erstwhile helium went for a tally successful Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park.

Search volunteers support showing up astatine the staging country adjacent Foothill High School to get briefed connected the terrain and trails successful the Pleasanton hills earlier heading retired to the country wherever Kreycik was going to spell jogging.

The hunt geared up again Tuesday nighttime pursuing societal media reports of a imaginable outcry for assistance heard successful a canyon.

"We were precise hopeful that we would find him past night, but evidently the hunt is going on," unpaid coordinator Sandy Schneider said. "You’ve seen the fig of volunteers. The assemblage enactment has been unbelievable."

Law enforcement agencies volition proceed to deploy some hunt teams and instrumentality until astir 8 p.m. Wednesday earlier scaling backmost the carnal search.

"We consciousness that we person conscionable scoured this parkland successful each direction," sheriff's spokesperson Sgt. Ray Kelly said.

Authorities are focusing connected 2 main theories astatine this point.

"First script is helium is determination up successful this ridge area, this park, unfastened abstraction area," Pleasanton constabulary Lt. Erik Silacci said. "Second script is helium parked his conveyance astatine the trailhead and helium is determination else."

Kreycik’s household has been bolstered not lone from the unpaid searchers but besides important donations from virtually each store successful the community.

"The household is overwhelmed with the enactment that they’re getting," Schneider said. "They are truthful grateful they don’t adjacent cognize however to convey people."

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