Death Toll at 90; Touching Memorial Held for Victims of Surfside Collapse Tragedy

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What to Know

  • The decease toll present stands astatine 90, with arsenic galore arsenic 31 radical inactive unaccounted for
  • More than 14 cardinal pounds of factual and debris person been removed from the site, officials said
  • A ceremonial was held to grant Israeli rescuers who came to assistance families impacted by the Surfside condo collapse

As betterment workers participate the 18th time to find victims successful the rubble of the Surfside condo collapse, the decease toll roseate to 90.

Israeli crews, who were among the archetypal planetary teams to respond to the calamity astatine the Champlain Towers South successful Surfside, are returning location Sunday.

Before their departure, a ceremonial was held Saturday to grant the crews and convey them for their help. Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava decorated the heroes with medals.

A ceremonial held to grant Israeli hunt crews, and springiness families impacted by the illness of Champlain Towers South an accidental to convey archetypal responders, took spot Saturday nighttime successful Surfside. NBC 6's Ryan Nelson reports.

The decease toll successful the Surfside condo illness roseate to 90 connected Sunday aft betterment teams discovered further bodies successful the rubble of the Champlain Towers South.

At a quality league Sunday, Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said 31 radical stay perchance unaccounted for.

"Please commune for each of those who person mislaid loved ones and whose hearts are breached from this unspeakable tragedy, and for those who are inactive waiting," Levine Cava said. 

Crews person toiled astir the timepiece contempt a somber alteration successful ngo from rescue to betterment earlier this week. Levine Cava thanked those who person been a portion of the betterment effort.

"I privation to convey everyone astir the satellite and present astatine home, from the bottommost of my heart, who person been caring for america each time for the past 16 positive days, and particularly to the bonzer teams from our section assemblage and authorities and astir the state who are portion of the largest ever non-hurricane exigency effect effort successful Florida's past and particularly the archetypal responders," Levine Cava said.

The fig of bodies recovered has enactment a strain connected the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner's Office, with the aesculapian examiner from neighboring Broward County present helping. The politician said much than 71 of the 90 victims person been identified.

Detectives are inactive moving to verify that each of those listed arsenic missing were really successful the gathering erstwhile it collapsed.

Meanwhile, officials said Sunday that determination has been an summation successful the fig of victims recovered due to the fact that crews person been capable to region a ample magnitude of debris from the pile. More than 14 cardinal pounds of factual and debris person been hauled distant from the site, officials said. Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett said that the heap is present crushed level and beneath successful immoderate areas.

Officials besides identified the bodies of 8 victims who were recovered during the week. They are: Elena Blasser, 64, Elena Chavez, 87, Nicole Langesfeld, 26, Ana Mora, 70, Marina Restrepo Azan, 76, Miguel Pazos, 55, Richard Rovirosa, 60, and Oresme Gil Guerra, 60. The bodies of a 5-year-old and a 44-year-old who were recovered this week were not identified astatine the petition of the families.

Burkett said Saturday helium hopes to financially assistance each the businesses that person been impacted by the Surfside condo collapse.

"I privation to denote that I'm moving to enactment unneurotic a money for our downtown businesses who person been unopen down during the full clip this calamity has been unfolding," said Burkett. "Not lone were they unopen down, but portion they were unopen down, they were making and delivering nutrient to each the enactment teams, hunt and rescue teams and others. Given their generosity and their compassion, I consciousness it's my work to bash immoderate I tin bash to assistance them get done this hard time."

NBC 6's Johnny Archer is successful Surfside wherever helium spoke with Florida State Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis astir however the demolition has helped velocity up the process.

Levine Cava said crews were besides collecting and cataloging galore idiosyncratic items, including ineligible documents, photograph albums, jewelry, and physics goods that they would question to reunite families with.

Hope of uncovering survivors was concisely rekindled aft workers demolished the remainder of the building, allowing entree to caller areas of debris.

Some voids wherever survivors could person been trapped did exist, mostly successful the basement and the parking garage, but nary 1 was recovered alive. Instead, teams recovered much than a twelve further victims.

No 1 has been pulled retired live since the archetypal hours aft the 12-story gathering fell connected June 24.

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