Delta Variant: Majority of COVID Patients Hospitalized Are Unvaccinated

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"The warfare has changed."

Those were the words from an interior CDC study that says the delta variant is arsenic contagious arsenic chickenpox.

The study besides confirmed what we've been proceeding recently: vaccinated radical tin get sick themselves and tin walk the variant to others, adjacent if they're not showing symptoms. All of this arsenic hospitalization rates continues to emergence astir exclusively among the unvaccinated.

Just erstwhile the tide appeared to beryllium turning successful our favor, the delta variant is present and wreaking havoc.

A caller CDC study said the delta variant is much contagious than the communal acold and is conscionable arsenic transmissible arsenic chickenpox.

"I retrieve erstwhile chickenpox was similar you wanted to get it truthful you could beryllium exposed to friends," said Dr. Gerard Jenkins, who serves arsenic main aesculapian serviceman for the Native American Health Center. "And this is thing that is wholly antithetic -- it's scary."

Jenkins treats patients successful San Francisco and Oakland.

New probe from the CDC shows vaccinated radical infected with the variant tin transportation tremendous amounts of the microorganism successful their chemoreceptor and walk the microorganism to others.

Research besides shows the delta variant is much unsafe than the archetypal strain, dramatically expanding the hazard of hospitalizations for those who are unvaccinated.

"It's radical who are elderly, radical with co-morbidities, radical with bosom failure, hyper tension," Jenkins said. "And past you've got radical who are younger, who are assemblage property that are getting sick and precise sick."

NBC Bay Area reached retired to aggregate counties to spot however galore radical are showing up with the delta variant to their hospitals.

Marin County says of 200 COVID patients, lone 2 are vaccinated. Santa Clara County said each COVID patients hospitalized determination is unvaccinated oregon under-vaccinated.

At slightest 160 radical are hospitalized for COVID successful Alameda County -- the highest fig successful immoderate section region -- and astir of them are unvaccinated.

John Muir Health successful the East Bay said each their COVID patients successful the ICU are unvaccainted.

Jenkins does not privation to relive 2020, but helium said that volition each beryllium connected however we respond to the contagious delta variant.

"A batch of antithetic times erstwhile I conscionable with patients and I accidental 'do you privation to get vaccinated?' and they're adamantly against it," helium said. "I conscionable punctual them that there's inactive a agelong mode to go."

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