East Bay Residents Find Ways to Beat the Extreme Heat

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Triple digit temperatures crossed the Bay Area sent radical searching for an aerial conditioner and shade.

It ended up searing profits for galore businesses particularly successful Brentwood wherever it was a whopping 108 degrees.

At La Costa Tacqueria, with a somesthesia extracurricular of 108 degrees, grilling is grueling.


Normally connected a Saturday, determination would beryllium a enactment into the parking lot. Even though the edifice fired up its mist machines, lone fewer customers came in.

“With the vigor everybody’s location close now,” said Jose Alberto manager of La Costa restaurant.

Saturdays are besides usually 1 of the busiest days of the week astatine Harry’s Wine Depot and Tavern, this Saturday, the patio was bare and the tavern’s unrecorded amusement cancelled due to the fact that of the heat.

As the mercury rises, profits are dropping.

“It’s unspeakable it’s truly atrocious usually connected a Saturday we marque respective thousands of dollars and contiguous we conscionable had a mates hundred,” said Tammy Zickuhr, proprietor of Harry’s Wine Depot and Tavern

(Marianne span : due to the fact that of the vigor The tavern lone had six customers each time truthful alternatively of closing astatine 11 contiguous they unopen down by eight”

Bilal Johnson and his lad Leo were among the fewer radical who ventured extracurricular successful downtown Brentwood Saturday, sweating done a motorcycle ride.

“I would picture the vigor arsenic suffocating,” said Bilal Johnson of Brentwood.

But immoderate managed to find alleviation from the scorching sun. This duo waged an epic h2o conflict against each different a warfare wherever getting drenched is simply a victory.

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