Foot Traffic at Restaurants in California, Bay Area Soars in 2021: Report

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What to Know

  • Restaurant ft postulation is up 192% successful San Jose, 121% successful SF since Jan. 1
  • On mean nationwide, edifice ft postulation is up 57%
  • Dining establishments are struggling to prosecute workers and operating with 20% little unit than usual

Foot postulation astatine retail and edifice establishments successful the Bay Area and California are soaring successful 2021, according to a caller report, a motion radical are acceptable to get backmost to mean adjacent arsenic the coronavirus pandemic lingers.

Zenreach, a San Francisco-based exertion selling and probe firm, reports retail, edifice and amusement establishments successful California person seen a 120% summation successful ft postulation since the commencement of the year, and visits to restaurants and eating establishments unsocial are up 145%.

By comparison, the nationalist mean increases are 55% successful each industries and 57% successful restaurants only.


In the Bay Area, San Jose has seen a 182% summation successful each manufacture ft postulation and a 192% summation for restaurants only. San Francisco's ft postulation is up 128% successful each industries and 121% successful restaurants alone.

The pandemic deed the hospitality manufacture hard, dropping 2.5 cardinal jobs successful 2020, according to the National Restaurant Association.

Overall, restaurants person added jobs successful 2021, but the unemployment complaint for edifice workers is inactive supra the nationalist mean adjacent arsenic galore establishments proceed to run short-handed and conflict to prosecute workers.

The National Restaurant Association has recovered that astir fractional of restaurants are operating with 20% little unit than usual.

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