Former SF Public Works Manager Faces Perjury Counts in Corruption Scandal

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A erstwhile San Francisco Public Works manager is facing 5 felony charges for allegedly hiding his relation successful a institution that reaped much than a 4th of a cardinal dollars successful no-bid contracts to supply T-shirts and different swag to San Francisco Public Works employees.

Gerald “Jerry” Sanguinetti faces 5 perjury counts for concealing his ties to SDL Merchandising – a institution helium allegedly owned and was tally by his woman Gina -- arsenic good arsenic 2 misdemeanor charges of failing to disclose those ties successful fiscal statements to the city.

Sanguinetti, who is scheduled to look successful tribunal adjacent month, could not beryllium reached for comment.

“All metropolis officials and immoderate metropolis employees are required to publically disclose their idiosyncratic fiscal interests,” said Patrick Ford, Policy and Legislative Counsel for the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

Ford stressed that helium can't speech astir immoderate circumstantial cases, including this one, but said fiscal disclosure forms are a cardinal instrumentality to clasp nationalist officials accountable. 

“It’s an important safeguard,” Ford said.  “The nonaccomplishment to record those forms oregon capable them retired accurately creates a information for struggle of interests.”

The District Attorney’s bureau says that SDL was paid $262,947 to supply DPW workers shirts and different swag betwixt 2013 and 2019, the twelvemonth Sanguinetti near the city.

SDL did not get the wealth straight from the city, but records obtained by NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit past twelvemonth uncover that SDL was paid done an off-the-books relationship managed by the non-profit San Francisco Parks Alliance connected behalf of apical nationalist works officials.

According to national prosecutors, erstwhile Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru utilized the Parks Alliance relationship to cod bribes, including hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars from erstwhile Recology executives who were besides precocious charged. Public Works managers, including Nuru, past utilized the funds to wage for worker parties, DPW attire for employees, institution picnics, and different items, specified arsenic a treadmill for the DPW operations yard.

Nuru has not yet entered a plea successful national court.

In a statement, Parks Alliance Director Drew Becher said the non-profit was “exploited by circumstantial individuals wrong the Department of Public Works” and helium supports the city’s review.

“In our enactment with Public Works, it was the section that raised the funds, selected the vendors, and approved each reimbursements,” Becher said. “Under the presumption acceptable by the city, SFPA had neither the authorization nor the visibility to second-guess vendors chosen by Public Works.”

Between 2016 and 2018, records show, SDL got paid astatine slightest $111,000 for 14 abstracted purchases retired of the Parks Alliance fund. Those purchases were approved by Nuru and astatine slightest 1 different Public Works manager, according to the fiscal records obtained by NBC Bay Area.

A controller’s bureau study past twelvemonth said SDL “is owned by a erstwhile Public Works employee, who was inactive employed erstwhile the payments occurred” and that “absent an further employment approval, it is inappropriate for metropolis employees to bash concern with the City.”

The controller said “accounting records amusement payments were for shirts, caps, and different merchandise created for Public Works, but deficiency item of quantity purchased to bespeak whether payments were justified oregon reasonable.”

According to prosecutors, erstwhile 1 DPW worker suggested going with different vendor due to the fact that SDL was charging doubly arsenic overmuch arsenic the competition, the worker was told:  “the Director wouldn’t similar that.” 

“Public employees indispensable service the public, not usage their presumption for their ain fiscal gain,” said District Attorney Chesa Boudin successful a connection astir the charges filed by his office. “Failing to disclose fiscal conflicts of interests portion profiting astatine the city’s disbursal violates nationalist trust.”

Public Works officials said Thursday they are cooperating with each investigations and they expect employees to comply with morals rules.

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