Gov. Newsom Signs $100 Billion State Budget

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Gov. Gavin Newsom hailed his signing of the authorities fund Monday nighttime successful a quality merchandise titled "California Roars Back."

Newsom signed SB 129, authorities that reflects the bulk of the $100 cardinal authorities fund statement for 2021-22 and includes the largest betterment program successful authorities history, according to the statement.

"Harnessing the largest surplus successful authorities history, we're making transformative investments crossed the committee that volition assistance bring each our communities roaring backmost from the pandemic - and wage dividends for generations to come," said Newsom.

"Through this broad plan, the authorities is taking connected the inequities laid bare by the pandemic, expanding our enactment for Californians facing the top hardships, expanding accidental for each child, confronting homelessness head-on and doubling down connected our enactment to physique resilience against the clime alteration impacts that endanger California's future."

The quality merchandise highlighted respective elements of the budget:

  • Stimulus checks: Nearly 2 of each 3 Californians volition person a stimulus cheque of $600. Qualified families with children volition person an further $500.
  • Renter assistance: Provides a full of $5.2 cardinal to assistance low-income renters and landlords, covering 100 percent of back-rent and each prospective rent for respective months into the future.
  • nSmall concern relief: Invests an further $1.5 cardinal for a full of $4 cardinal successful nonstop grants to California's tiny businesses to assistance owners re-hire workers displaced by the pandemic.
  • Homelessness: Invests astir $12 cardinal implicit 2 years to tackle the homelessness crisis.
  • School funding: Calls for cosmopolitan pre-kindergarten, establishes assemblage savings accounts for 3.7 cardinal low-income children and increases in-state tuition slots for Californians who privation to be a California State University oregon University of California campus.
  • Wildfires: Invests $2 cardinal to bolster wildfire resilience, funds for caller instrumentality and for onshore and wood absorption projects.
  • Water: Invests $5.1 cardinal implicit 4 years successful drought support, h2o proviso and earthy situation restoration projects.
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