‘I Want to Be a Bay Area Great': Local Paralympian Heading to Tokyo With High Goals

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Jorge Sanchez ne'er gave up connected beingness oregon his imagination of being an elite athlete.

The East Bay autochthonal is acceptable to marque his Paralympic debut successful Tokyo arsenic a subordinate of Team USA's men's wheelchair hoops squad.

"I effort to beryllium the Steph Curry of wheelchair basketball," Sanchez said. "I privation to beryllium a Bay Area great. I privation to beryllium remembered arsenic 1 of the champion Paralympians to ever play the athletics of wheelchair hoops and notation the Bay Area."

Born successful Oakland, Sanchez grew up mostly successful Dublin. At 8 years old, helium was diagnosed with a benignant of bony crab successful his near femur. He underwent countless surgeries and chemotherapy. He said his family's enactment was incredible.

"I'm the 1 that made the determination whether amputate oregon support my leg," Sanchez said. "I would person been capable to support my leg, but determination was a higher hazard of crab coming back. So, they were like, 'Hey, it's your decision. This is your life.' I was like, 'I privation nary much chemotherapy.' I had a full of 23 surgeries. I was successful a coma for 2 and a fractional months aft they amputated my leg. I astir bled out. I astir died close past and there. It was a very, precise hard decision. But I'm gladsome I made this determination due to the fact that look astatine maine present going to my archetypal Paralympics successful Tokyo."

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Sanchez has traveled the globe playing wheelchair basketball. He's been connected the nationalist squad since 2013.

"This has been my imagination since I recovered retired astir wheelchair basketball," helium said. "When I recovered retired I could correspond the United States successful the athletics that I perfectly emotion and has fixed maine everything, that was my goal. And it's yet coming true. You ever person to judge successful yourself. It doesn't substance if different radical don't judge successful you oregon they mightiness accidental this and that. You ever conscionable person to judge successful yourself, and that's thing that I've ever done, particularly aft cancer, aft I astir died. So, radical telling me, 'Hey, you can't bash this.' It doesn't fuss me, doesn't faze me, due to the fact that I astir died. I'm not adjacent truly expected to beryllium here. I conscionable support pushing, support persevering. There's thing successful this satellite you cannot do."

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