Jim Jordan Is Getting Increasingly Desperate As 1/6 Investigation Closes In

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Rep. Jordan (R-OH) is trying to make distractions and smear the messenger arsenic helium sounds progressively tense astir the enactment of the 1/6 Committee.

Here is Jordan precocious connected Hannity:

Jordan was asked if helium was ever fixed a crushed wherefore helium was not allowed connected the 1/6 Committee, and helium answered, “No, the crushed is what you said. It’s partisan. After this story, here’s what the prime Committee said. We are liable for the error. That is simply a fancy mode of saying we got caught lying. This is simply a pattern. Ten years ago, the IRS targeting conservatives. They lied to the FISA court. Two months ago, we caught them going aft moms and dads astatine school committee meetings due to the fact that of their lust for power. They are acrophobic of President Trump moving again and cognize helium volition win. Yesterday they tried to enactment a good antheral successful situation and clasp him successful contempt.  

Jim Jordan is simply a distraction creator.

When Rep. Jordan is successful trouble, helium starts waving his arms astir and making a batch of sound astir unrelated matters.

Ever since his substance connection to Mark Meadows was made public, Jordan has gone into overdrive successful trying to smear the 1/6 Committee.

Nothing successful Jim Jordan’s reply addresses wherefore helium was texting Mark Meadows astir strategies to overthrow the predetermination and support Trump successful power.

Rep, Jordan has gone from not remembering if helium talked to Trump connected 1/6 to being implicated successful the plot done his substance messages.

The 1/6 Committee volition beryllium naming names of the House Republican co-conspirators successful the coup. 

Jim Jordan volition beryllium 1 of those names, arsenic it is looking apt that America volition find retired the extent of his engagement successful Donald Trump’s coup.

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