Jonah Hill Asked Fans Not To Post "Good Or Bad" Comments About His Body Because It "Doesn't Feel Good" Months After Opening Up About His Childhood Insecurities

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"Good oregon atrocious I privation to politely fto you cognize it's not adjuvant and doesn't consciousness good."

Posted connected October 14, 2021, astatine 8:38 a.m. ET

Jonah Hill has asked fans to halt making comments astir his body, explaining that whether they were bully oregon bad, they didn't "feel good" either way.

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In an Instagram station connected Wednesday, the 37-year-old said that, though astir of the comments mightiness travel from a bully place, they weren't helpful.

"I cognize you mean good but I kindly inquire that you not remark connected my body," Jonah said successful the post. "Good oregon atrocious I privation to politely fto you cognize it's not adjuvant and doesn't consciousness good. Much respect."

The station was met with praise from the likes of Sza and Beanie Feldstein, who jumped into the comments to enactment him.

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"Absolutely Love you," Sza wrote alongside a emotion heart. "Thank you!!"

Meanwhile, Beanie added: "THATS 👏 MY 👏 BROTHER 👏"

Jonah's station comes months aft helium opened up astir however his "childhood insecurities" had been "exacerbated by years of nationalist mockery astir my assemblage by property and interviewers."

He added: "I don't deliberation I ever took my garment disconnected successful a excavation until I was successful my mid 30s adjacent successful beforehand of household and friends."

Posting a screenshot of an nonfiction that'd published pictures of him enjoying immoderate downtime connected the formation backmost successful February, the Superbad histrion said: "I'm 37 and yet emotion and judge myself."

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He continued: "The thought that the media tries to play maine by stalking maine portion surfing and printing photos similar this and it can't signifier maine anymore is dope."

"This isn’t a 'good for me' post. And it's decidedly not a 'feel atrocious for maine post,'" Jonah explained. "It's for the the kids who don't instrumentality their garment disconnected astatine the pool."

"Have fun," helium finished. "You're fantastic and awesome and perfect. All my love."

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