Man Charged After Campbell Police Find Stash of Weapons, Racist Manifesto in His Car

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A 32-year-old Los Gatos antheral has been arrested and charged with aggregate felonies aft Campbell constabulary past week recovered him prowling extracurricular of a concern and past recovered a stash of weapons and a racist manifesto successful his vehicle, Santa Clara County prosecutors said Thursday.

Wesley Charles Martines was arraigned Tuesday connected the charges, which see possession of battle weapons, silencers, drugs and tube weaponry parts, according to the District Attorney's Martines was arrested aft the proprietor of a concern called Campbell constabulary past Friday soon aft midnight to study that helium could spot a antheral connected his information camera looking into cars and a retention shed successful the country of East Sunnyoaks Avenue, prosecutors said.

Officers responded and stopped a motortruck Martines was driving and recovered 2 AR-style rifles wrong on with a Glock 9mm handgun and ammunition that had inscriptions connected it similar "Cop Killer," "To a widow from the Grim Reaper" and "A Good Start," arsenic good arsenic assemblage armor, heroin and methamphetamine.


Prosecutors said a tube weaponry filled with pellets but nary explosive materials was besides found, on with a diary that had racist and anti-Semitic writings and a program to spell to a sporting goods store, formal up arsenic an worker and necktie everyone up inside.

At his arraignment Tuesday, a justice ordered him held successful custody connected $300,000 bail.

"Once again, instrumentality enforcement saved lives earlier the humor and tears flowed," District Attorney Jeff Rosen said successful a quality release. "All of america person a relation successful stopping the adjacent wide shooting, suicide, oregon home unit murder. Please telephone instrumentality enforcement if you cognize that idiosyncratic is equipped and dangerous."

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