Men's Eight Rowing Rooted in the Bay Area

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There are truthful galore Bay Area connections successful the summertime Olympic games. Believe it oregon not, men's 8 rowing is profoundly rooted present with 2 men from Cal starring the way. 

“They’re going to beryllium nervous, they’re going to beryllium anticipating the race, anticipating the symptom that comes on with the race,” said Caroline Lind, who was portion of the 2008 and 2012 women’s rowing squad erstwhile they won gold.

She lives successful the Bay Area present with her hubby Brandon who happens to beryllium an adjunct rowing manager astatine Cal.

“They bash it due to the fact that they emotion it. They're competitory and they volition bash thing to support a definite level,” she said.

The Bay Area transportation for members of the men’s 8 is rooted successful Oakland wherever they each trained starting successful 2017.

The rower giving the commands is Julian Venonsky who is simply a Cal bear.  Their Olympic manager Mike Teti is besides from Berkeley.

“My bosom is beating hard reasoning astir the contention tomorrow. This is what they’ve practiced 5 years for,” said Beth Covin, the team’s big mom.


“They’ve done the work, each they person to bash is get to the starting enactment and person the champion contention of their life,” said _________.

Fingers are crossed for Thursday’s race.  

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