Microsoft (MSFT) Launches New Line of Surface Products

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At its all-digital motorboat lawsuit Wednesday morning, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) announced 8 caller products for its Surface hardware line. Apart from the Microsoft Laptop studio, which is simply a wholly caller device, different devices from the institution are refreshes of earlier products that person been upgraded with caller features oregon fitted with caller hardware.

The cardinal question for investors and analysts is whether the caller products volition assistance boost gross for Microsoft. Last quarter, the company's hardware devices accounted for astir 4% of wide revenue.

Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft announced caller Surface events astatine its all-digital lawsuit Wednesday morning.
  • Apart from refreshing its existing slew of smartphones and laptops, the institution launched Microsoft Laptop Studio—a hybrid tablet and laptop.
  • The caller products whitethorn not importantly impact Microsoft's wide revenue, which is dominated by its unreality division, but volition further showcase capabilities for the latest mentation of Windows.

A New Lineup

Microsoft's caller array of products is targeted astatine a wide assemblage basal ranging from creators to radical with disabilities and smartphone users. Here's a little rundown of 4 products announced by the company. All products are disposable for preorder and volition beryllium sold to customers starting Oct. 5.

Surface Laptop Studio 

As its sanction indicates, the Surface Laptop Studio is simply a laptop that tin hinged astatine an space for amended show oregon folded wholly into a tablet. It is meant to beryllium a replacement for the Microsoft Surface Studio desktop. The Laptop Studio comes equipped with a Surface Slim Pen that tin beryllium utilized for drafting oregon illustration purposes. According to the company, the pen has a centrifugal that provides haptic feedback to the idiosyncratic to mimic the consciousness of an existent drafting pen.

The intended people assemblage for the instrumentality is the creator community, which tin usage it to plan oregon tally graphics-intensive bundle connected the move. The workplace volition beryllium disposable for $1,600, and the pen volition retail for $130. Initial reviews of the instrumentality aren't excessively encouraging, with 1 reviewer calling the operation of a laptop and tablet "weird."

Surface Pro 8 Tablet 

The Surface Pro 8 tablet was delayed from past twelvemonth owed to COVID issues. The caller variation features a bigger display—13 inches arsenic compared to 12.3 inches connected the Surface Pro 7—and a artillery beingness of 16 hours. The Surface Pro 7 had a artillery beingness of 10.5 hours. It besides has enactment for Thunderbolt.

Users person a prime of Intel Core processors—i3, i5, and i7—for the tablet, and they tin equip it with up to 32 GB RAM. The institution says that it is 43% and 75% faster successful CPU show and graphics processing/display, respectively, than its predecessor. It besides has a higher solution and features Windows 11's Dynamic Refresh Rate, a diagnostic that customizes solution based connected the exertion being used.

The tablet volition statesman retailing astatine $1,100, and its costs volition alteration based connected further costs, specified arsenic the summation of a Surface Slim Pen oregon benignant of processor used. Initial impressions of the device, astatine slightest from 1 reviewer, look to beryllium favorable.

Surface Duo 2 Phone 

The erstwhile mentation of the Surface Duo phone, released successful 2019, was a flop. The institution seems to person learned from its mistakes and has incorporated feedback from users including 5G enactment and much cameras with precocious resolution. The instrumentality is really 2 phones successful one, and Microsoft calls the phone's existent mentation "the world's thinnest 5G device." The starting terms for the telephone is $1,499.99.

Surface Go 3

The Surface Go 3 is simply a mini-laptop. Its erstwhile edition—the Surface Go 2—was named arsenic the champion inexpensive laptop by immoderate reviewers. The Go 3 is akin successful it diagnostic acceptable to Go 2 and enables upgrades to Intel Core i3. Microsoft says that the alteration successful chips volition marque the laptop 60% faster than its predecessor. 

Apart from the caller products, Microsoft besides announced 3 caller accessories—a Slim Pen, an adaptive kit that tin beryllium utilized to customize its devices for radical with disabilities, and a rodent that is 20% recycled water plastic.

Will New Hardware Boost Microsoft's Revenue?  

Microsoft doesn't interruption retired income figures for Surface products. The merchandise line, which is astir a decennary old, crossed $2 cardinal successful gross past year. But the roadworthy to that fig has been a pugnacious one, with respective mishaps and mistakes on the way. The institution besides faces formidable contention astatine some ends of the terms spectrum—Apple, Inc. (AAPL) successful the premium products class and a slew of PC companies, specified arsenic Lenovo Group Limited (LNVGF) and Dell Technologies Inc. (DELL), successful the PC category.

"We bash not judge the Microsoft Surface enjoys a moat of immoderate kind. We bash not judge that determination is much, if immoderate sustainable differentiation betwixt a Microsoft Surface and mostly competitory products specified arsenic a Windows oregon Mac laptop, an Apple iPad, oregon a Google ChromeBook. This is mostly reflected successful low(er) merchandise gross margins," writes Morningstar expert Dan Romanoff.

It is apt that the caller batch of products volition item capabilities for Windows 11, the latest mentation of the company's best-selling operating system, and Office 365, its productivity software. Switching costs, inherent successful some applications, whitethorn thrust hardware sales, and vice versa.

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