Officials Kill SF Coyote That Charged at Toddlers on 5 Occasions

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A coyote reported to person charged astatine toddlers connected 5 antithetic occasions successful the country of the San Francisco Botanical Garden successful Golden Gate Park was killed Friday by national wildlife officials.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service was called successful aft San Francisco Animal Care and Control and Recreation and Park Department employees expressed concerns astir the coyote's behavior, and the national officials decided to enactment aft determining the carnal had go a menace to nationalist safety.

According to Animal Care and Control, radical had consistently fed the coyote -- an enactment that is amerciable and could pb to fines oregon jailhouse clip -- truthful it mislaid its earthy fearfulness of humans.


"It saddens america that this result was 100% caused by humans feeding and befriending this animal," San Francisco Animal Care and Control enforcement manager Virginia Donohue said. "We implore radical to halt feeding chaotic animals."

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