Olivia Rodrigo Said She Thinks Society "Holds Young Women To An Incredibly Unrealistic Standard" In Her New Rolling Stone Interview

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Everyone that's heard "Driver's License" (probably adjacent those that haven't) tin archer you it's a raw, affectional song. Olivia explained that making euphony is simply a "magical" acquisition for her erstwhile saw however her songs connected with others. "I deliberation heartbreak is truthful cosmopolitan — the feeling that tons of humans consciousness the astir deeply," she said. "I’ve ne'er felt arsenic heavy a sadness arsenic I did erstwhile I was truly, genuinely heartbroken and devastated. And erstwhile I enactment retired 'Drivers License,' astir this truly hard clip successful my life, I watched it conscionable impact truthful galore people, careless of intersexual predisposition oregon sex oregon age."

Olivia Rodrigo / Via giphy.com

"There would beryllium 40-year-old guys that would travel up to maine and beryllium like, 'Wow, that truly struck me.' Even if they weren’t going done a concern similar that, they were like, 'Oh, it takes maine close backmost to erstwhile I was successful precocious schoolhouse and I went done my archetypal heartbreak.' That was truthful magical for me, to not lone spot however cosmopolitan that feeling was, but besides however magical euphony tin beryllium and it tin instrumentality you backmost to a circumstantial constituent successful time."

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