Patty's Inn Bar in San Jose to Close After More Than 80 Years in Business

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It's past telephone for a astir century-old barroom successful downtown San Jose.

Patty's Inn, crammed afloat of sports memorabilia, is closing this play aft much than 80 years successful business.

#SanJose is changing. Patty's Inn is little than .5 miles from the Shark Tank, and has been a large hangout for #SJSharks fans. It each comes to an extremity this play aft much than 80 years arsenic Google prepares to determination successful downtown. There volition beryllium farewell celebrations Fri/Sat

— Eric Rich (@ScoopRich) July 29, 2021

Bar absorption didn't privation to talk, but it appears the small barroom is simply a David making country for Goliath – Google's San Jose field volition beryllium built wherever the barroom stands.

Nearby Poor House Bistro is besides going away, but it's not shutting down. It volition relocate to adjacent Little Italy.

"It feels similar erstwhile idiosyncratic comes successful and buys up blocks of land, that is decidedly going to beryllium excluding immoderate imaginable tiny guys," Susan Edman of San Jose said.

While immoderate section spots accidental the techies volition boost their bottommost line, others accidental they'll miss the section feel.

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