People Are Calling Out The Celebrities Who Don't Deserve To Be Famous, And Several Hot Takes Were Shared

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People are calling retired Hollywood's anti-vaxxers, racists, abusers, jerks, and more.

People crossed the net are calling out the celebrities they judge don't merit their fame — and it's sparking an important dialog astir who our nine chooses to worship, and why.

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It each started erstwhile Reddit idiosyncratic u/ric01001 asked: "What personage truly doesn’t merit to beryllium a celebrity?" The thread rapidly went viral, garnering thousands of responses.


Here are immoderate of the top-voted answers:

1. "James Charles."

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2. "Chris Brown. The information helium has was truthful rapidly accepted backmost into mainstream euphony is gross."

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3. "Serial killers. I don't cognize however anyone tin idolize specified sick beings. So galore times the victims get enactment connected the backburner and beauteous overmuch forgotten."

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4. "The Duggars! Overpopulating, sexist, racist, and Josh Duggar."

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5. "June Shannon, aka 'Mama June.'"

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6. "The Teen Mom cast."

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7. "James Corden. I hatred that he’s everyplace and successful everything."

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8. "Any politician. They each privation to beryllium celebrities alternatively of starring and making affirmative progress."

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9. "R. Kelly, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein… each those rapist celebrities."

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10. "Jenny McCarthy."

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11. "Jake and Logan Paul."

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12. "Any personage who got celebrated from dancing connected TikTok."

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13. "Addison Rae came retired of fucking obscurity and each the abrupt she’s a large deal? Come connected guys. Seriously? Influencers look to conscionable beryllium handed things and it truly isn’t fair, particularly erstwhile they could beryllium taking a spot successful a movie oregon amusement that idiosyncratic other is much qualified for."

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14. "Elon Musk is celebrated due to the fact that he's affluent and likes to speech crap connected societal media."

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15. "Piers Morgan. Don't cognize wherefore helium is tolerated."

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16. "The Royal Family. I conscionable don’t recognize wherefore anyone gives a fuck astir them."

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17. "All of the YouTubers and influencers."

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18. "All the Kardashians. I don’t adjacent cognize what they are celebrated for. I don’t truly attraction astir them... I conscionable hatred the fact, that they gain tons of wealth conscionable for… well, conscionable for being them."

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19. "Donald Trump."

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You tin work the afloat thread of responses connected Reddit.

Note: Some responses person been edited for magnitude and/or clarity.

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