Puppies OK, Suspect Arrested After Heist, Rollover Crash on East Bay Freeway

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Three puppies were shaken up but different OK aft being stolen by a antheral who took them from a seller astatine gunpoint, fled from constabulary successful the victim's car and past crashed the conveyance connected an East Bay freeway, Hayward constabulary said Monday.

The victim, who advertised the puppies online, met up with the antheral successful South Hayward, constabulary said. The antheral said helium wanted to bargain 1 puppy, but erstwhile helium met the seller successful person, helium pulled retired a gun, pointed it astatine the unfortunate and past stole the victim's truck, which was carrying the puppies.

After the unfortunate called 911, officers started searching for the motortruck and yet recovered it successful the country of Mission and Highland boulevards, constabulary said. The antheral refused to propulsion over, prompting a chase.


While connected the freeway, the antheral crashed and the motortruck ended up connected its roof. The antheral tried to instrumentality disconnected connected foot, but helium was taken into custody, constabulary said.

No 1 was hurt, constabulary said. First responders comforted the puppies earlier they were capable to reunite them with the victim.

The fishy was taken to Santa Rita Jail wherever helium is being held for carjacking, felony evasion successful a vehicle, carnal endangerment, possession of narcotics and assorted weapons charges, constabulary said.

While the net makes it casual to bargain and merchantability items, constabulary promote the nationalist to transportation retired transactions astatine the constabulary section if they ever consciousness uncomfortable.

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