Reduced Parking Spaces Proposal in San Jose Gets Mixed Reaction

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Parking is ever a blistery commodity.

But opening adjacent week, the metropolis of San Jose volition statesman outreach connected a program to perchance trim the fig of parking spaces successful the city.

Since the 1930's, San Jose has been a metropolis built with cars successful caput with plentifulness of parking spaces to accommodate them.


But now, we unrecorded with concerns astir rising costs of living, gridlock and clime change.

Justin Wang is with the Greenbelt Alliance, 1 of the groups that's helping the metropolis of San Jose scope retired to residents astir a connection to trim the fig of parking spaces developers are presently required to physique into their projects.

Wang said the existent costs of gathering each that parking get passed connected to renters oregon location buyers.

“We request to reframe our mindset and alternatively of spending millions and millions connected parking garages,” helium said. “How astir we put successful ways to assistance radical get astir that are conscionable arsenic effectual but are amended for greenhouse state emissions, amended for people's miles traveled.”

Wang said that each those parking spaces incentivize radical to bargain vehicles and thrust more.

So theoretically if you physique less spaces, radical volition ain less cars. That would yet trim greenhouse state emissions.

It's a mentation not everyone agrees with.

“For example, San Jose State is simply a commuter school. People don't truly unrecorded astir present and spell to schoolhouse here. They thrust successful from antithetic towns,” said San Jose nonmigratory Mike Duong. “So, reducing the parking, not having places to park, it's not going to beryllium casual for a batch of people.”

To beryllium clear, the connection does not purpose to trim immoderate parking that's presently available.

San Jose does person immoderate limitations similar a little developed proscription system, including a airy obstruction strategy that hasn't been successful cognition for much than a month.

Still, determination are immoderate radical who are unfastened to the changes.

“Once the VTA gets backmost up and running, we person a batch of motorcycle stock options, section transit. We usage Cal Train beauteous frequently,” said San Jose nonmigratory Luke Reilly.

The San Jose City Council could marque a determination aboriginal this year.

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