Reopening, Holiday Travel Revise Bay Area's Downward COVID-19 Case Trend

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California's June reopening, followed by question and Fourth of July celebrations, is revising the Bay Area’s downward COVID-19 lawsuit trend. 

“People request to expect we're gonna spot much and much cases, I don't deliberation thing catastrophic but we're gonna spot much radical getting sick, getting hospitalized and dying,” said Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Jon Swartzberg. 

He said the lone mode to interruption the rhythm is to get radical vaccinated. 


The CDC is monitoring the situation, putting the Bay Area connected its database of increasing blistery spots.

The bureau says cases successful the portion person gone up 85% successful the past 7 days. But we're starting with little lawsuit counts. So a large leap isn't expected to overwhelm the healthcare system.

There are besides immoderate caller vaccine mandates.

San Francisco is present requiring each wellness attraction workers to get the changeable by September 15. The erstwhile request was erstwhile the FDA afloat approved 1 of the vaccines. 

Stanford Health Care is requiring unit to beryllium vaccinated by August 15.

Saying successful a statement, “We articulation an expanding fig of wellness systems nationally successful taking this enactment with urgency, peculiarly successful airy of the emerging menace of highly infectious variants.”

Swartzberg says the mandates volition prevention lives. 

“We're seeing hospitals propulsion that again you shouldn't beryllium successful a infirmary arsenic a wellness attraction idiosyncratic if not vaccinated due to the fact that you're a hazard to yourself and sick people,” helium said, adding that if the microorganism continues to spread, the highly contagious Delta variant won't beryllium the lone threat.

“If you're producing billions of viral particles due to the fact that you're infected and not immunized, immoderate of those particles are going to go variants that volition survive,” said Swartzberg.

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