'Robbed' Hamilton will 'never get over' title loss

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Deposed Mercedes champion Lewis Hamilton volition "never get over" the arguable climax to the Formula One play successful Abu Dhabi, according to squad main Toto Wolff.

Wolff said Hamilton was "robbed" and the end-of-race decision-making had near him a "sitting duck" for Max Verstappen.

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The Mercedes brag said helium hasn't received assurances from the Brit that helium volition instrumentality adjacent season, and confirmed helium would not be the gala meal astatine the FIA's Paris office successful enactment of Hamilton.

"Both of america won't beryllium there," helium said.

"I won't beryllium determination due to the fact that of my loyalty to Lewis and due to the fact that of my ain idiosyncratic integrity," helium said.

Aussie authoritative nether occurrence implicit F1 rubric finish

Mercedes lodged 2 appeals instantly aft Monday's melodramatic decorativeness but those 2 appeals were rejected, with the German squad past announcing their volition to lodge different appeal, which they withdrew past nighttime earlier the deadline.

"We judge we had a precise beardown lawsuit and if you look astatine it from the ineligible broadside if it would person been judged successful a regular court, astir guaranteed that we would person won," Wolff explained.

"But the occupation with the FIA is the mode it's structured, the FIA can't truly people their ain homework.

"And there's a quality betwixt being close and obtaining justice."

He added: "We decided unneurotic with Lewis to protest, to motorboat the appeal, and to retreat the appeal.

Formula One Champion Lewis Hamilton of Britain, left, and Mercedes squad main Toto Wolff. (Getty)

"But you tin ideate not lone for him but besides for america arsenic a squad it was unspeakable to beryllium confronted with a determination that decided the result of the satellite championship.

"But neither him nor america wanted to triumph the satellite title successful the courtroom."

Wolff confessed that some helium and Hamilton "will ne'er get implicit it".

"That's not possible, surely not arsenic a driver. But I would surely anticipation that the 2 of america with the remainder of the squad we tin enactment done the events, with the FIA and F1 and utilise the concern to amended the sport.

"But we volition ne'er flooded the symptom and the distress that were caused connected Sunday."

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