San Francisco Gay Men's Choir Receives Death Threats, Criticism Over Satirical Song

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What was expected to beryllium a satirical opus by the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus astatine the extremity of Pride Month has turned into a controversy.

Threats of unit aimed astatine chorus members adjacent forced workers to beryllium sent location aboriginal for the week.

The video uploaded to YouTube past week and it has touched disconnected plentifulness of statement connected societal media.


“You tin support 'em from Disco. Warn astir San Francisco. Make 'em deterioration pleated pants, we don't care," the radical said successful the video. "We'll person your children. We'll marque them tolerant, and fair.”

The operation "we'll person your children" is what's truly prompted an aggravated response.

Comments connected their YouTube station person mostly been negative. Many of the comments included threats of violence.

The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus said it contacted the FBI and San Francisco constabulary astir the threats connected societal media and done email.

They issued a connection online astir their determination to propulsion the video from nationalist presumption and past repost it again, truthful the nationalist tin spot it's satirical.

The choir's enforcement manager and a radical spokesperson did not privation to talk to NBC Bay Area connected camera connected Friday, citing concerns for their safety.

Joshua Stickney with Equality California said the threats are shocking.

“For implicit 4 decades, they've been an instauration successful our metropolis and successful the LGBTQ-plus movement. I deliberation it's truly a shame that they're being subjected to this benignant of hate," helium said.

But not everyone successful the LGBTQ assemblage is whole-heartedly defending the chorus.

Longtime activistic and nationalist talker Arthur Corbin said the lyrics are provocative.

“This could enactment Gay radical successful danger, seashore to coast. It could springiness radical support to onslaught america and radical are already trigger happy," Corbin said.

Corbin added the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus has performed the opus earlier successful concerts to audiences that recognize the discourse and humor. He said releasing the opus connected societal media is simply a antithetic substance and that leaders of the chorus should person known better.

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