San Francisco Introduces Grant Program for Crime Victims

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San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin and Mayor London Breed are supporting efforts to get fiscal assistance into the hands of transgression victims and their families.

On Wednesday, San Francisco metropolis leaders announced "the Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice" was adding a $100,000 assistance program. Boudin said successful immoderate cases, the assistance whitethorn forestall crime.

“These are individuals connected some sides of transgression and punishment by healing those who person been harmed we tin forestall the adjacent crime,” helium said.


The announcement comes arsenic different programme aiming to interrupt the rhythm of Crime is nether scrutiny.

A caller study said the pretrial diversion programme that supervises radical released from jailhouse arsenic they hold for their time successful court, is seeing much than fractional of its clients reoffending.

San Francisco Supervisor Catherine Stefani is calling for much predominant updates from the programme and much thorough reports connected wherefore inmates who people arsenic precocious hazard are released.

She started asking for information aft radical successful the programme committed precocious illustration convulsive crimes.

Stefani precocious voted against renewing the multi-million-dollar contract.

“What I find truthful alarming and frustrating is pretrial diversion programme has had this accusation and refused to stock it with this assemblage erstwhile I asked for it,” she said.

Boudin supports the programme but said determination is country for improvement.

“While that fig is disturbing, and we'd similar it to amended it is In fact, little than authorities situation and if situation could bash arsenic good arsenic pretrial diversion we'd beryllium moving successful the close direction,” helium said.

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