San Francisco Pushing for More Vaccinations as COVID-19 Cases Rise

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In San Francisco, a caller emergence successful COVID-19 cases has triggered a renewed effort to get the vaccine to immoderate of the city’s astir hesitate residents.

The connection was superior from metropolis officials connected Thursday arsenic coronavirus cases are rising successful San Francisco again and astir everyone who is present ending up successful the infirmary is unvaccinated.

Officials held a quality league extracurricular the Southeast Health Center In The Bayview District Thursday.


San Francisco Mayor London Breed cheered San Francisco’s wide precocious vaccination rate. But she besides noted that vaccinate complaint isn't astir arsenic bully among the city's number communities.

“We’re doing a large occupation but with this caller delta variant we’re seeing existent concerns and those concerns interaction particularly the African American assemblage and the Latino community,” she said.

Breed besides talked astir uncovering ways to code the vaccine hesitancy and humanities concerns astir each vaccines successful the African American community.

“Every idiosyncratic that is successful the infirmary successful San Francisco wide close present did not get the vaccine and disproportionately astir of those radical are African American,” said it.

Dr. Grant Colfax, San Francisco’s Director of Public Health besides talked astir the increases of COVID-19 cases successful the city.

“In the past 12 days alone, we person seen a threefold summation successful COVID-19 cases successful San Francisco. This accelerated summation is owed to the delta variant the delta variant is COVID-19 connected steroids,” helium said.

While wide vaccination sites person closed, vaccines are inactive comparatively casual to find - successful the city’s Bayview neighborhood. the Southeast Health Center offers them and they are ever free.

“I was 1 of those radical who is benignant of frightened I was frightened to get this done skeptical,” said Tianna Hicks.

Hicks was among those who came retired to enactment the vaccine effort Thursday. Her lad Najee Harris plays shot for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“How bash you consciousness that you person it? I’m relieved origin I truly I cognize this is the close happening to do,” she said.

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