San Francisco Tenants Get 6-Figure Buyout to Leave Luxe Unit

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A affluent San Francisco mates notched a grounds astir half-million-dollar buyout to vacate their luxury flat of 3 decades, underscoring the lengths immoderate landlords volition spell to to get escaped of semipermanent tenants successful a metropolis with strict rent power and soaring marketplace rents.

The $475,000 voluntary buyout is considered to beryllium the largest successful metropolis past and reflects the high-value of the apartment. The tenants, a mates successful their 60s with teenage children, had been paying $12,500 a period precocious for a seven-bed, eight-bath apartment. It takes up astir of a level successful a century-old gathering with expansive views of the bay, Golden Gate Bridge and adjacent Presidio park. They declined to beryllium named.

San Francisco has among the strongest tenant protections successful the country, which encourages tenants to bent connected to apartments arsenic marketplace prices spell up. While California has precocious adopted rent power and different tenant protections, San Francisco approved its rent power ordinance backmost successful 1979 arsenic a mode to alleviate the city's lodging crisis.

That means landlords tin lone rise rent connected immoderate properties a definite magnitude each year, with the existent summation pegged astatine nether 1%. Landlords cannot evict tenants without conscionable cause, specified arsenic nonpayment of rent. Owners who privation to determination into their ain single-family location indispensable wage tenantsto vacate. The maximum magnitude tenants successful 1 portion tin person to relocate is $22,000, with an other $5,000 for households with insignificant children oregon seniors 60 and up.

In this case, relocation costs did not apply; the landlord and renters reached a voluntary statement for them to leave.

Steven Adair MacDonald, the lawyer who represents the couple, said absorption has been divided to a six-figure buyout that's capable to acquisition a location successful astir parts of the country.

“Landlord attorneys deliberation it’s an outrage, and connected the tenant side, everybody’s excited, they deliberation it’s great,” helium said. But MacDonald thinks the landlord is the winner, arsenic helium volition beryllium capable to rent the flat for $25,000 a period and recoup the buyout magnitude successful conscionable implicit 3 years.


“After that, it volition beryllium gravy, truthful it’s a large investment,” said MacDonald.

MacDonald is besides suing the landlord, Friedman Properties, connected behalf of “fairly well-heeled” tenants successful 9 different units who person moved retired since March, incapable to carnivore the changeless sound and particulate from ongoing renovations successful the building.

Marty Friedman, listed arsenic the company's authorized agent, did not respond to a telephone telephone requesting comment. His attorney, David Wasserman, did not instantly respond to an email.

The Financial Times was archetypal to study the agreement.

More than 300 tenant buyouts were filed with the San Francisco Rent Board successful 2020. MacDonald said mean buyouts are $50,000, and they are increasing fixed the quality betwixt marketplace rent and magnitude of tenant residency.

San Francisco rents declined during the pandemic, but inactive stay among the highest successful the country. The mean rent for a one-bedroom portion is $2,750, according to rental level Zumper. The median income terms for a location is $1.5 million, according to Redfin.

Tenants groups accidental that without rent control, mediocre and moving people residents would beryllium driven retired of San Francisco, incapable to support up with marketplace complaint rents.

Charley Goss, who handles authorities affairs for the San Francisco Apartment Association, said landlords judge that rent power is simply a portion of doing concern successful the city. But determination are situations wherever wealthier tenants bent connected to a rent-controlled apartment, helium said. The relation represents astir 4,500 landlords.

"Paying a half-million dollars to a affluent idiosyncratic who's been keeping a rent-controlled flat successful a metropolis with a lodging shortage and an affordability situation benignant of speaks to the mode successful which our section rent power distorts the market," helium said.

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