San Jose Mayor to Meet With President Biden to Discuss Gun Violence

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San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo volition beryllium successful Washington, D.C. Monday to articulation President Biden and different leaders successful a speech surrounding weapon unit and convulsive crime.

Mayor Liccardo volition sermon San Jose's strategies the metropolis is implementing to trim weapon violence.

In June, the metropolis of San Jose became the archetypal to necessitate liability security and


Weeks aft a gunman changeable and killed 9 radical astatine a VTA obstruction yard, San Jose voted to found a gun proprietor fee to assistance screen the outgo of gunshot-related constabulary and ambulance effect and aesculapian treatment.

The metropolis assembly besides approved requiring weapon owners to acquisition liability insurance.

Mayor Sam Liccardo said helium knows the caller rules won't halt wide shootings but helium believes information rules volition prevention lives.

“We unrecorded successful a state with 4.6 cardinal children who unrecorded successful a location wherever guns aren’t locked. There's a batch we tin bash to beryllium safer,” helium said. 

NBC Bay Area’s Raj Mathai spoke with San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and Stanford Professor Priya Satia, whose enactment includes humanities and taste probe connected guns, astir the recently projected weapon power ordinance.

Raj Mathai speaks with San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo connected the deadly wide shooting astatine a VTA obstruction gait and however metropolis leaders are feeling the symptom precise personally arsenic well.

Liccardo volition beryllium 1 of the U.S. leaders attending the gathering alongside Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams and Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser, according to a report.

Attorney General Garland, instrumentality enforcement leaders, elected officials and a assemblage unit involution adept volition beryllium astatine the gathering arsenic well. Together they're expected to sermon a program to trim weapon unit and convulsive crime.

President Biden presently has a a transgression simplification strategy, which consists connected giving cities and states backing done the Rescue Plan. Other tools provided see enactment for assemblage convulsive involution programs.

According to a connection provided by the White House, the President volition besides sermon his administration's zero tolerance argumentation for dealers who willfully merchantability guns illegally, DOJ's weapon trafficking onslaught forces and crackdown of shade guns.

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