Santa Clara County Likely to Issue Vaccination Mandate for County Employees

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's update connected the delta variant is adding substance to the increasing telephone to get each workers vaccinated.

Santa Clara County wellness officials are connected the verge of issuing a vaccination mandate for its 22,000 employees and the CDC's caller informing whitethorn velocity up the process.

"I deliberation what each the caller accusation shows is that it's each the much captious for everyone to get vaccinated," said Santa Clara County counsel James Williams.

The region appears to beryllium acceptable to instrumentality a hard basal connected vaccinations and COVID-19 precautions.

Just this week, the region reinstitute a mandate for region employees to disguise up careless of vaccination presumption and is besides preparing to transcend authorities rules.

Santa Clara County volition soon necessitate employees to "get vaccinated oregon suffer your job."

"What we are going to beryllium implementing is an existent vaccination mandate," said Williams, "meaning you request to get vaccinated unless you have, for example, a aesculapian exemption."


Some unions person already expressed skepticism.

Mallory Barr, an lawyer for the Costanzo instrumentality steadfast which specialized successful worker litigation, said the region is connected coagulated ineligible crushed but anticipates ineligible challenges.

"This infringes connected 'individual freedom' and 'liberties' but again, I deliberation employees are wrong their rights to request specified vaccines from employees truthful agelong arsenic they comply with the ADA and Title 7," Barr explained.

She emphasized the nationalist should not presumption the mandate arsenic "punitive" but alternatively arsenic a indispensable wellness precaution.

County leaders said they expect to rotation retired the caller mandate sometime adjacent week.

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