Search Resumes for Berkeley Man Who Went Missing at Pleasanton Ridge Park

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Authorities connected Saturday resumed the hunt for a Berkeley antheral who went missing aft a tally astatine Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park 3 weeks ago.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office said hunt teams returned to the country arsenic they effort to find Philip Kreycik.

Kreycik's household talked astir the gratitude they person for the outpouring of enactment they've received implicit the past fewer weeks arsenic hunt and rescue teams returned to a canyon country that could person been a way to his car.

"I deliberation we proceed to person religion and anticipation and assurance successful the outcome," Kreycik's woman Jen Yao said. "The enactment we person received truthful overmuch has truly made america consciousness little lonely successful this conscionable hard, incredibly hard time."

"We miss our lad truthful incredibly," Marcia Kreycik said. "He is simply a delightful person, specified spirit, specified emotion emanates from him. It's conscionable a large spread that we request to person back."

According to police, the 37-year-old Kreycik came to Pleasanton Ridge and parked his car to spell for a run. But didn’t return. Search and rescue teams on with volunteers searched the country extensively. The hunt and rescue members were backmost astatine it Saturday.

"We person astir 17 extracurricular agencies that came backmost upon the petition from Alameda County Search and Rescue," Pleasanton constabulary Lt. Chris Niederhaus said. "Now we’re going with little probability areas we already searched, but we’re putting much efforts into those to wide each azygous country up determination connected the ridgeline, anyplace adjacent the archetypal way Philip was going to take."


On Saturday, teams were searching successful the Tehon Canyon country with drone teams, canine teams, rapelling teams and much than 100 searchers. And they were reminding radical astir their extremity line, hoping to find immoderate answers.

Pleasanton constabulary accidental the renewed hunt was prompted by the anaylysis of information gathered utilizing exertion during their searches.

Anyone with accusation should telephone the extremity enactment astatine 925-931-5107.

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